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Improving the Reliability of Online Tests through Examination Software Use

It is important for examiners to understand that reliability of online tests is of utmost importance. If you want to make the assessment of the students a valid process, then it is important to ensure that online exams are reliable. Examination software is often used by instructors to make sure that the learning by students can be tested in a fair environment.

A lot of offices have also incorporated test creators into their hiring process. This is why it is important to ensure reliability since it can affect the position and company profits. It is important to have a true picture of the qualifications and performance of the candidate so that companies don’t hire the wrong person for the job. Hiring the right candidate on the first attempt can reduce time costs in training and eventually increase efficiency for the company.

It is necessary to follow the tips below in order to ensure efficiency in online exams.

The Questions

It is vital that you take note of the length of the online exam to ensure reliability. The exam needs to be of a reasonable length or else it will become a poor indicator of someone’s knowledge or skills. Test makers that only have five small questions will not be a proper assessment of anyone’s knowledge. This in no way means that the instructor attempts to create 100 questions to assess someone. The length of the exam has to be reasonable enough for the candidate to remain focused on the questions.

It is also important to never have long/difficult questions for really low scores as well. The marking of the exam has to be in an appropriate proportion to the effort required in the examination.

The Type of Questions

There are several different types of question structures that you can choose from in test creators. This includes graph-based, MCQs, true or false, short answers, essay questions, etc. Different questions can assess knowledge and skills in different ways. This means that the instructor has to pick the right question design in order to ensure that the assessment is a valid measuring tool.

This is dependent on what you are trying to assess. For example, if you are looking to check the writing skills or grammar of an individual then it is better to select essay questions. You can also have MCQ questions to assess their grammar knowledge. However, logic questions may involve pictures and graphs to assess their train of thought.

Question Banks


Examination software also allows the use of question banks. This can help to improve the reliability of the test by allowing you to create multiple questions and save them. This means that while the examination is occurring, the test creator will use a random selection from the bank to assess students. This means that they will all receive a different combination of questions, which can reduce cheating. This eliminates the biases of the instructor.

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