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Increasing Online Test Security with Examination Software

Technology has become an essential part of every institution on the planet. It is now used widely in the education sector as well. With the increase in technology use, a lot of processes have become streamlined and efficient. This makes things easier for everyone since it cuts down time and effort costs. Examiners now use examination software to assess students on learning. This is because it automatically checks the paper, reduces cheating, and has timed questions.

However, it is still important to remain diligent about the security of such tests. You still have to ensure that no content is leaked and that the whole system is protected from any threat of hacking. Nowadays, test makers have the option to add security measures to the test papers, which can prevent cheating. These measures make the test more secure and reliable in terms of assessment. There are a few steps that every examiner can take to ensure that exam security is maintained.

Test Design and Security

There are a few ways to ensure that cheating is eliminated through the use of examination software. You can maintain the following policies for your test designs which limit cheating

        The order of the questions can be shuffled by the test maker for every individual test. This means that no single test is in the same order. This makes it very difficult for students to actually share answers with each other in the examination hall. It can act as deterrence from cheating and make the test fairer.

        If you have true/false or MCQ questions, you can also shuffle the answers. This makes it impossible for students to share the answer options as well.

        Examination software also allows you to only display one question at a time. This means that it becomes really hard for people to change their answers later after asking around. This also makes it harder to keep track of the number of questions on the exam.

        Open-ended options can also limit cheating since it is harder to share such answers. Every student is required to answer their own way, which means the same answers are impossible.

Lock Screen Feature

Examination software also allows you to the lock the screen, which helps to increase the security during the test. This means that students can be prohibited from opening other windows or going to previous questions. This option even stops any copy-pasting or print screen options on the computer. This limits the students from leaking the questions or asking others.

Restricting Access during Examination


As a way to stop security breakers, examiners can use test makers to restrict the login access of students while the exam is being conducted. This makes it easy to monitor who is giving the exam. This means that unless the examiner enables the option for student login, only people giving the exam can actually log in. This is also a great way to conduct double authentication since only people with the correct login credentials can give the online exam.

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