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Effectively administrating an online MCQ test

Multiple choice questions are one of the most common forms of assessment in examination and testing. Many institutes now use quiz software to create a quiz to evaluate the student performance and learning. It is becoming more popular since there are a lot of benefits from such types of testing. Designing an effective test through quiz makers but only if you are aware of the whole process that goes behind a valid assessment tool. There are a few things that you need to consider if you want to use quiz software to create an online MCQ quiz.


The basic design of an MCQ involves a statement that can be true or false, fill in the blank or even a question. This can just be a statement that can potentially have several answers to it. The answer choices that examiners put down consist of two main things: the key and the distracters. In such questions, the key is the correct answer.

It is important to focus on the distracters for an effective question to evaluate true learning. The distracters also need to be probable and reasonable answers to the question. They are seemingly obvious answers to the question so that the student has to determine the best possible answer to the question being asked. This technique is used by College Boards when they design the SAT questions so that guessing answers isn’t a possible course of action.

Negative Marking

A lot of institutes have also incorporated the negative marking system to ensure that guessing answers isn’t allowed. However, this has actually become a highly criticized method of using quiz software. Research actually shows that students that have social anxiety face a decrease in anxiety while giving answers online; nevertheless, their anxiety begins to spike if negative marking is used. This could mean that these students are at a disadvantage from others, making the test and invalid tool of assessment.

Time Limit

Quiz software can also implement time limits on the questions or the test. This means that no student will have the extra advantage of five minutes while the examiner is collecting paper. The timer is set to automatically prevent students from answering more questions or changing their answers. This also helps to encourage effective time management as the quiz maker can simply allot time to each student as per the directions of the exam.

Using Automatic Checking


You can use quiz software to determine an automatic score for the student. This means that the examiner doesn’t have to go through hundreds of papers to check everyone’s answers and mark them. This can decrease the time costs for the teacher, which means they can spend more time and resources on other productive tasks. This also reduces the margin for error while marking and checking answers for students. This ensures that the online MCQ quiz is an effective way to measure each student’s potential and learning.  

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