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Innovative Ways through Which Brands Have Revolutionized Online Quizzes

When it comes to online quizzes, businesses have slowly but surely embraced them as an integral part of their marketing strategy. The benefits that they have to offer include increased engagement, better leads and a boost in sales. Now, using quiz creators might seem that you’re just making generic quizzes like the ones at Buzzfeed.

However, you can easily thing out of the box with them too. The following are some of the best ways that brands have used quiz creators to revolutionize online quizzes.

1.     Knorr – Finding Your Flavor Profile

Picture based quizzes are very common but Knorr went one step further with their Flavor Profiler. The quiz is very visually enticing with vibrant colors and tasty dishes. People get to pick their favorite foods, flavors, snacks and more. At the end of the quiz, they not only get a result but they are also matched with a Knorr product that they will like.

Knorr also adds some amazing recipes that would interest the person. The design stands out since not every brand uses their quiz creators in such a visually heavy manner. Luckily, the quiz’s visual aspect is the secret which makes it popular.

2.     Airbnb – Broadening Travel Horizons

Don’t know where you should be vacationing next? Airbnb created an online quiz which broadens the travel horizons of people by offering them a lot of possibilities. Designed to promote the Trips and Travel experiences people can have with Airbnb, the quiz not only shows one the kind of traveler they are, it also highlights which destination would be perfect for them.

The winning feature here is that each destination is accompanied by a custom itinerary which includes activities and accommodations according to their preferences. Their multi-answer feature makes the quiz stand out.

3.     Hyundai – Pick Your Next Answer

Based on the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure book’s format, Hyundai really stands out because they completely ditched the use of a quiz creator. Instead, the brand made use of 18 different Instagram accounts and over 400 images to match users with the perfect SUV for them. Users get to answer a question by tapping on an image, which links them to another account for the next question.

While this is definitely a more labor intensive online quiz to set up, its innovative approach is what makes it stand out from the other quizzes. Additionally, it is also a largely image based quiz but its uniqueness ended up making headlines.

4.     Birchbox – Finding Your Makeup Soul Animal

While it uses a traditional format and quiz creator, Birchbox personalizes their quizzes, just like they personalize their services. Birchbox’s quiz for Finding your Makeup Soul Animal matches users with a makeup brand and a product which is their soul animal. The quiz’s result not only reinforces brand loyalty but also helps Birchbox understand their customer preference.

Since the brand’s product is a personalized box of beauty products, this is one of the best ways that they can understand their target market and improve their customization and personalization capabilities.


The examples mentioned here showcase that you can use quiz creators in a number of innovative ways. 

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