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Common Flaws You Can Encounter with Examination Software

While examination software is beneficial for users, you have to be careful about the one you pick. Most people focus on just the anti-cheating features since a large number of students look for ways to cheat, even on online exams. It is an important area to focus on since 86% of students admit to having cheated. Out of this number, 97% never get caught.

However, this doesn’t mean that you forget about the other criterion that your examination software should meet. Picking the wrong software can result in a waste of resources. Additionally, it can also present problems for anyone who is using it. The following are some of the most common flaws that you can encounter with your chosen examination software.

1.     Poor Scalability

Scalability in examination software isn’t always considered since most people are aware of the participants. However, not all courses can have a fixed number of students. Suppose you have a maximum limit of 100 students per course. What if in one course you get only 65 students then in the next course, you end up getting 150 students? Fluctuations like these make it necessary to get examination software that allows you scalability. It also saves you from a lot of trouble when you have to suddenly accommodate more students.

2.     No Flexibility

Whether you’re using examination software for a classroom assessment or a workplace training assessment, you need to have flexibility in formats. Good software will be one that allows you to design your exams as needed. Whether you want to mix and match different answering techniques or customize the format according to your university’s requirements, you need examination software that offers you flexibility in formatting, answering options and customization.

3.     Limited Questions

Not everyone pays attention to this feature but examination software doesn’t always offer you unlimited questions. Some can have a maximum cap on 30 questions and at times even 50 questions. To make things easier, always pay attention to the question limit. While most workplace assessments don’t usually have online quizzes with so many questions, there is no hard and fast rule about.

For example: Online assessments like the US Postal Exam 473 is made up of 338 questions. Similarly, many university tests can also be lengthy, particularly if they are for use at the end of the semester.

4.     No Analysis Features

Analysis features are important to gauge the average learning capabilities of the class. Online examination software can offer you an in-depth look at answering trends, difficulty level, overall class performance and more. It can also be very useful to highlight which areas a student or participant needs more help in. Without this feature, you have to run an independent analysis which can be very lengthy and time-consuming. With examination software that already has this feature, you save yourself both time and money in the process too.


By paying close attention to these common flaws, you can pick out online examination software that helps you overcome these challenges with ease. 

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