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Different Types of Tests You Can Make with Online Exam Software

When you’re getting online exam software it is always a good idea to use one that is multi-function in nature. This means that it allows you to make a number of different online exams with ease. It might not be a necessity at the time but this will help you a lot in the future. When using software, most users largely focus on the following types of tests:

·         Subjective Tests – These are free-text-questions where students might be required to write down their answers. Writing essays is also common with these tests. Answers are open to the student’s interpretation.

·         Objective Tests – These are tests which have clearly defined answers that the students must pick and choose from. Whether it is multiple choice or true and false statements, the students don’t get to write down their answers.

·         Hybrid – These are made up of a mix of subjective and objective tests. They often vary in difficulty but are commonly used for lengthy tests such as assessments of internal examinations.

Apart from these basic types of tests, you can also craft more complex tests. The following are some tests that you can make with the help of online exam software:

1.     Placement Tests

These are commonly used in universities and schools to help ascertain whether the student matches with the level of the class or the course. It can also be invaluable in determining whether some students need help such as preliminary classes to help them get to the level they should be. With online exam software, you can make a placement test that is in accordance with your class. It also saves you from having to use a generic test which doesn’t always ascertain the skill level with ease.

2.     Diagnostic Tests

These are used not only in schools and universities but also in medical institutions. Diagnostic tests are used to confirm or diagnose a certain condition. More and more diagnostic tests have been moved online with the help of online exam software. For patients who are unable to visit the facility, this improves their medical treatments. Schools also use these tests to determine whether students need extra classes or not.

3.     Assessment Tests

While widely used in academic environments, assessment tests are becoming commonplace in the workplace as well, especially after a training session. With regular assessments, employers can make sure that their employees are working in accordance with the standards of the workplace and the industry. With online exam software, the process of assessment also becomes faster and easier and can be done within minutes.

4.     Internal Examinations


Commonly, these are private tests and examinations that a school or educational institution provides in order to make sure that their students have learned everything relating to the course. These are different from state exams such as the SAT’s. However, with online exam software, teachers can create mock exams that mimic the SATs. This ensures that they are able to prepare their students properly and give them additional help if needed.

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