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Tips to help you in taking an Online Exam

Tips to help you in taking an online exam

It is not uncommon for some students to get tensed up when they have a prospect of sitting for an online examination. And the reason is not far-fetched. The whole approach is alien to them and as such they don’t know what to expect in the exam neither do they have any idea about the kind of skills or strategy they need to excel in the assessment. While the thought of sitting for an exam is nothing new, the mere fact it’s going to be taken online makes it a little different from the normal traditional exam or test everyone is familiar with. But this doesn’t mean online examinations are necessarily easier or harder. The truth is that they are just “different”. So to be at your best, you have to know how the system works, what skills and strategies you need, as well as the kind of preparation you need to make for the exam. On a serious note, most of steps and strategies would take to ace an in-class exam applies in an online exam. But there are other rules you need to follow in order to do well. Following the tips discussed here will help you avoid some common mistakes many students make when taking an online exam. This doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with how much you know the course. We are sure you will be grateful foe these tips. You can thank us later after acing with your exam. Without wasting anymore time, let’s delve in.

Don’t be late when going for online exams

This may sound obvious, but it’s extremely important. It’s very easy to miss an online exam and you know why. Many students easily become complacent due to the convenience they enjoy from these exams. As a result it’s very easy to forget you are really writing an exam. Showing up late for the exam can cost you a lot. Not only does it disorient your ability to focus, you can get locked out of the exam altogether, especially when it is timed. So in order not to get into trouble, you must carve out an interrupted amount of time for the exam or test. And this can only happen when you are already in front of the screen, ready to pounce, some minutes before the start of the exam.

Before the Online exam, know the test parameters

One of the reasons why many students fail regular exams is because they fail to read and understand the exam guildelines. The same applies to online examinations. Before sitting for any online tests, make sure you understand the parameters guiding the exam. You should be able to answer questions like: what is the date and time for the exam, can it be taken at home, how long is it expected to last, is it possible to log out and log in again, is it possible to go back to a previous question, what factors are outlined by the instructor, and so on. Try to resolve all these issues so you will not be caught unawares. Doing so will also ensure you make the best use of your time.

Have your machine ready for the online exam.

If you are required to take the online exam remotely, then you will probably be the one providing your own computer and internet. In this case, you have to get everything ready; your machine, programs, web and any other thing you are going to need for the exam. The last thing you want is for something to go wrong. Failing to sufficiently prepare your tools can make you blow the exam. And since the test is done online, you will be the one on the receiving end. So before your exam, make sure your computer is ready. You should have tested the exam links and software and your internet connection is strong. Uninterrupted power supply is also critical.

Study in advance for the online exam

It is very easy to get cocky about an online examination especially when there’s no supervision. Due to the cost involved, the conductors of the exam are not likely going to send a proctor to your house. This means you should be looking forward to an open book exam. But it will be misleading to think that just because no one will be around to monitor what you are doing, you will have the chance to cheat. Most of the time, the questions in the online exam will be timed and will require candidates to have a comprehensive knowledge of the subject matter. Even if you had all your notes open before you, there wouldn’t be enough time to read and master the stuff on the spot. So the best line of attack is to do what normal students do – prepare for the exam. Study in advance! Take the online exam just as serious as you would a normal classroom exam and don’t get hung up on open book thing. Even if you have to use your note, let it be for reference purpose. Your brain should have been loaded with all the good stuff.

Request feedback after online exam

After an online exam it’s always a good idea to request for a feedback. Unlike a traditional exam, after an online exam, no one will give you a pat on the back for a job well done or a disappointing look for failing woefully. So it’s very easy for your rests to slink away with your professor. And you might never actually know where you got it wrong and possibly learn from your mistakes. To avoid this, make sure you ask your instructor for a feedback after every test. Don’t always assume, it’s all with every subject after a test or exam. Try to find out what you did right or wrong so you can make sense of your grades later. At this point, you have enough under your sleeve to do well in any online program. Let us know if you have more tips or any question.

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