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What Are Online Personality Tests and Why They Are Important For Companies

What Are Online Personality Tests and Why They Are Important For Companies

Gone are the days when companies hired people based on only a good resume or some kind of expert recommendation. Even a personal interview is just one stage of the whole hiring process. Nowadays, the approach is a bit different. Most companies now adopt a scientific approach which tends to focus more on the innate personality of the person applying for a job. This assessment is usually conducted over the internet and is commonly referred to as online personality tests. Chances are that if you’ve been in the job market for a while, then you probably know about these tests or else if you are just getting started, then it’s only a matter of time before you will be required to take one in your employment search. This is extremely important as organizations are continuously intensifying their recruitment effort at finding the right fit for every job role.

what are online personality tests?

Anytime a recruiter or employer is faced with the decision of selecting someone for a role, there are basically 3 questions that need to be answered: • Is the candidate eager and passionate about the job? • Does he/she possess the required qualification for the role? • Does he/she have a personality that matches the job and can cope with the general work style of the establishment? Looking at the last two questions above, its obvious personality plays a vital role when in providing a suitable answer. Whether you believe it or not, it’s the personality of employees, not necessarily their paper qualifications, that determines whether an organization would excel. The productivity of a company is hampered when the members of a group fail to cooperate or if the staffs cannot be motivated by the manager. This is why online personality test has become a useful tool for many organizations in determining who joins their workforce. A personality test is basically a kind of assessment conducted online during a hiring process to determine whether a candidate would be comfortable in a job role. The end goal is to see if the candidate has the behavioral traits to perform well when assigned the position. Online personality tests are quite different from normal aptitude tests in the sense that there are no right or wrong answers. Instead, based on the answers provided, the personality of the individual is measured with relation to his/her suitability for the job. With these tests, employers can determine if a candidate would fit both the advertised position and their company’s culture. Online personality tests usually test candidates in five major areas – extraversion, stress tolerance, agreeableness (or cooperation), conscientiousness and openness. Each one of these areas helps employers to gain insight into the psyche of potential employees so they can better understand and manage them if eventually hired. Let’s quickly look at some of the importance of personality tests. •

Job placement

As earlier indicated, online personality tests are great tools for matching individuals to specific job roles based on their personality types. Employers can determine which kind of group potential employees will work best when hired by their organization. This ensures that only people who are passionate and satisfied with their roles are hired. In turn, this helps to significantly cut down turnovers. •

Greater accuracy

Another usefulness of online personality testing in organizations is that it helps to greatly improve accuracy when selecting the best candidate for a role. Although it’s common for some candidates to provide answers based on what they believe should be the right response. But it is very easy for employers or recruiters to tell when an applicant is not being sincere based on the consistency of responses provide. •

Talent pool

Since candidates are assessed based on their character traits and suitability for the job, it’s very easy to pick out the top performing candidates. This leaves you with a talent pool to choose from that is made up of the best performers. •

Reduced hiring time

By customizing their personality tests companies can zero in on workers who are both highly productive and can be willing to stay with the company. There you have it. There are definitely other benefits of online personality tests that were not discussed here. Do share you views with us.

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