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What are Some of the Types of Assessment Tests?

what are some of the types of assessment tests

Over the years, assessment tests have grown in popularity as an invaluable tool used by many companies all around the world to seek out the best candidates from a large talent pool for specific job roles. And it’s the internet that has made it all possible. Most of the job applications today are done online. In fact, recent studies show that every single corporate job opening receives more than quarter of a thousand applications, which is incredibly overwhelming. Among this number, there are job seekers who submit applications without even spending enough time to go through the job description and requirements. As a result, recruiters constantly report a lot of resume spammers when filtering applications. In fact, most of the time, these spammers make up 50% of the entire applications. As a result, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for recruiters and hiring managers to sift through these resumes. And in some cases, there is not enough bandwidth to thoroughly go through these applications. In this situation, online assessment tests can prove to be invaluable for companies seeking to find the best candidate for the job. By integrating these tests to their hiring process, various establishments can be in a better position to manage the large pool of applicants vying for openings. There’s no doubt that technology may be responsible for the vast increase in the number of applicants applying to jobs by simplifying resume submission. But it can also be said that the same technology has provided various ways to better handle the large crowd of applicants, and one of them is the use of online assessment tests. The purpose of this article is to go through the 3 main categories of online assessments tests used by organizations in their selection process.

Assessment test One - Skills tests

Organizations use skills tests to determine how competent potential employees are in relation to the job they are applying for. These competencies encompass areas such as verbal and communication skills, math, and even typing skills depending on the role. These skills are basically based on what on candidates’ previous experience or acquired knowledge, and not necessarily on their aptitude. Most of the time, candidates applying to entry level jobs are required to take the general skills tests which are used to measure how prepared they are for the positions. These tests usually focus on core skills such as numeracy, attentiveness and literacy, and are highly effective for filtering a large pool of talents. However, some skills tests are usually more specific in the sense that they measure candidates’ competencies in specific areas, such as knowledge of a particular computer application or typing speed. These micro skills tests are used to measure candidates’ skill level in relation to the job, not necessarily their job performance in the long run.

Assessment test Two - Personality tests

Personality tests are used to measure the behavioral traits of candidates with respect to certain job roles in order to determine if they would be comfortable with the role and whether they have the right attitude to succeed in the position. Usually, in this type of assessment test, there’s really no right or wrong answers. Instead the answers provided by applicants are used to them on different traits, the most common ones being openness, cooperation, conscientiousness, tolerance and sociability.

Assessment test three - Aptitude Test

Aptitude tests are used to measure candidates’ ability in areas such as problem solving and critical thinking. In order words, these tests seek to evaluate how intelligent an applicant is. Most of the time, employers are mostly looking to hire people who have the ability to learn and apply things and solve the problems faced by their organizations. And it would be very difficult to identify such people by just looking at resumes or CVs. Even interviews are not adequate for this purpose. This is where aptitude tests come in. They are regarded as the single most accurate predictor of candidates’ job performance in the long run. And that is why they are the most popular type of assessment test used by organizations and even higher institutions. Overall, assessment tests are invaluable for measuring candidate’s suitability and competence to take on both general and specific job roles. In order to make the process more effective, employers or hiring managers usually employ more than one type of tests. This allows them to evaluate more than one aspect of the applicant’s competence, thereby enabling more informed decisions to be made.

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