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The Future Is Virtual Learning and Online Exams

Digitization has impacted our lifestyle in an unprecedented manner. In the last two decades or so, digital progression has marked its imprint on every day-to-day activity. Virtualization is a sub-element of digitization. In simple words, virtualization entails a non-physical environment that emulates different features of the physical world.

Virtual learning is one of many products of virtualization. It has shattered physical boundaries and created a learning environment that is suitable for everyone. Even though virtual learning hasn’t transformed into a mainstream source of education provision, but that day is not far.

A number of US organizations have extensively adopted e-learning measures in the last few years. According to statistics, more than 75% of US organizations now provide virtual learning opportunities to their employees for honing their skills.  Online exam software applications have even become a popular tool at the undergrad level for conducting many tests throughout the academic calendar.

All things considered, virtual learning will only spread out on the educational landscape with time. There are multiple factors that make a strong case for a future dictated by virtual learning.

Easy Accessibility to Virtual Learning

Accessibility to virtual learning is increasing with every passing day. Virtual learning portals have become adaptable to every device. There are test maker applications available that help you to create and conduct online exams on mobile devices, helping people in taking care of their education from their pockets.

A comprehensive Pew Research Center Survey from 2016 indicates that more than 80% US households have at least one smartphone. These numbers are only experiencing an upward trend, which is automatically increasing virtual learning accessibility as well.

Besides the influx of mobile devices, the availability of internet has also increased manifold. Wi-Fi has now become a staple feature of residential areas, commercial settings and general public spaces. Moreover, mobile data plans are also becoming more affordable. The prevalence of virtual learning is an inevitable outcome of this increased accessibility and connectivity.

Virtual Learning Is a Convenient Way to Educate Oneself

Apart from technological development, the intrinsic features of virtual learning also make it convenient for learners to educate themselves. For instance, students are not bound to take virtual classrooms in a particular time slot. They have the option of partaking in online lectures in any part of the day. This feature makes it possible for working individuals to meet their educational goals.

In addition, giving online tests is also as convenient as the learning itself. There are quiz maker applications that enable administers to virtually conduct a test in a cheat-proof environment. The same software applications have API integration features. These offer instant communication between students and examiners. Students can get all the relevant information regarding the exam through SMS. Similarly, examiners can maintain an effective notification system from within the same software.

Virtual Learning Is Cost Effective

One doesn’t need physical infrastructure to establish a virtual learning avenue. Students don’t have to buy additional devices.  Different online exam software applications can help virtual learning administrators to conduct tests and quizzes in a cost-effective manner.    

The above discussion clearly indicates that contemporary technological progression will facilitate virtual learning and more people will be inclined towards this mode of education in the future.  

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