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4 Tips to Prepare for an Exam When Working a Full- Time Job

Studying while working a full-time job can be one of the most challenging aspects of life. However, the rewards are generally more than worth it. By getting a degree, you can increase your chances of getting a good promotion.

Here, you will learn some tips on how to best prepare for an exam and get great results when working full time.

1. Make the Most of Every Minute

Time may seem like a scarce resource when you’re working full-time, but you can squeeze additional time for study in many ways. The lunch break is the best time for studying. You can revise while eating your lunch.

If you use public transport, you can use the time to revise important lessons. In case you drive to work, you can listen to audio recordings to revise the topics. You can find out many other ways to squeeze more time for studies by looking at your daily schedule.

2. Make the Most of Technology

Technological tools can also help you prepare more effectively for the exam. You can use Evernotes or other online note taking apps. Also, you can record your teacher’s lectures so that you can go through them later.

Moreover, you can use scheduling apps to create a study schedule. Using an online test maker is also a great way to prepare for an exam. You can easily make quizzes to test your knowledge regarding any topic.

3. Dedicate Weekends for Studies

Achieving any goal requires certain sacrifices. One of the biggest sacrifices you need to make when studying while working full time is to dedicate your weekends for studying.

Most people barely get one hour for study during a workweek. However, just five hours of studying during a week are not enough. You need to study at least 16 hours every week to properly prepare for an exam.

Avoid wasting time watching TV or socializing too long with friends. This is a luxury that is only available to full-time students. For the busy bee, the weekend should be spent doing nothing but studying for the exam. 

4. Create a Detailed Schedule

You should create a schedule to make sure that you give enough time to each subject. You can use a wall calendar or online calendar to organize your time. Make sure to allocate time for attending important family events. Also, you should set a buffer time to deal with any emergencies.

In the end, you should avoid stress if you’re studying and working a full-time job at the same time. Worrying about the exam will have a negative effect on your learning process. To handle stress, consider allocating time for entertaining activities once or twice a month. Maintaining a healthy diet and exercising can also go a long way in keeping your stress levels under control.

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