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Quiz Software: Helping Instructors Create the Perfect Exam

Most aspects of online quizsoftware tend to be intuitive, even for first time users. Nevertheless, thetremendous importance of acquiring better grades in an exam makes it very important that the instructors are abletoutilize their quiz software to their maximum potential. 

o   What kind Of Questions Can the Quiz Software Support?

If you are using such a software program for the very first time, then it is very important that you should take the time to familiarize yourself with the many different options that might apply to each question type and category. For instance, you need to include some questions in your test that will allow you to randomize the pattern of the whole exam and you wantto allot partial marks for answers to certain questions. Here, it will be of great help to understand all the different options available in the quiz software as well as theirimplications with regard to their grading and assessment. In a nutshell, if you are able to understand these features properly, it will save a lot of confusion for both you and your students.

o   Using Quiz Software to Enable Faster Completion of Exams

A few weeks before an important test, you should considersending the students a link to “Best test takingpractices.” You should also remind them to check the instructions on how they can best utilize the software in order to give a great test.It would be advisable to make them take a few mock exams so that everyone concerned is aware of the modalities of the quiz software that you will be using to conduct your future exams. 

o   You Have to Run the Online Exam Software a Few Times Before the Real Thing

This is very important if you don’t want unpleasant surprises on the exam day. For instance, there may be multiple formatting issuesin the test. This happens quite often if you simply copy paste to MS Word from another source file. Apart from that,formatting codes may also be inadvertently carried over. This is why running the online exam software a few times on your system will give you the confidence to use it when the exam time comes.

o   Take the Test Yourself

After making the test and double checking the document for any residual formatting errors, you should consider taking the exam from the student perspective. This way, you will be able to check for any problems that you might have missed.

o   Conclusion

If you were to take these elementary precautions,then you can rest assured that your upcoming exams will be a lot easier than any paper and ink exam that you haveconducted before. So, go ahead and use your favoriteexamination software for all your online testingrequirements.

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