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The Salient Features of Using Quiz Software as a Potent Recruitment Tool

Today, more and more recruiters, in both the public and the private sectors, are using different types of quiz software to gauge both the capability as well as the suitability of the prospective candidates. This is principally due to the convenience and money saving benefits that such software offers to the recruitment agencies. Let us see how such quiz software is helping businesses in their recruitment process.

o   The Ability to Gauge Soft Skills

Soft skills are becoming an increasingly important parameter for assessing and evaluating a candidate for a particular position. There was a time when such assessments were beyond the capability of any online quiz creator. But this has changed, and today various user-friendly tests can help to determine the candidate’s soft skills and weaknesses. This is an extremely useful yardstick for the employer to make a hiring decision.

o   Large Numbers of Candidates Can Participate Simultaneously

When taking a test for a really popular position, it is very difficult to accommodate each and every individual at the same center and at the same time. This is where an online quiz creator comes into the picture. With the help of online testing software, not only can recruiters easily accommodate an almost limitless number of participants,but they can also pre-screen the candidates without even inviting them to the recruitment center!

An online assessment test solvesthe usual logistics issues such as the geographical location of the candidate or even his access to the nearest recruitment center. Once the recruiter uploads the quiz software and gives the candidate a password via e-mail, he will just need to be available online at a specific time in order to take the test.

o   The Ability to RandomizeMultiple Questions Simultaneously

It is quite easier to randomize even large numbers ofquestionsif you are using online quiz software. A few clicks is all it takes for the recruiter to create ironclad random patterns. This is very important since it can prevent cheating. If all the candidates have different questions, they will not be able to help each other, even if they are continuously in touch while taking the test.

o   Quiz Software can Give Immediate Results to Recruiters and Candidates Alike

This is another great plus point of this software. Basically, the quiz creator can easily generate,and post results the minute the test is over. This simplifies the screening process to a great extent and allows the recruiter to move the successful candidates to the subjective portion of their evaluation and assessment process.

o   Conclusion

Online quiz software can accommodate large numbers of prospective candidatesand ensure instantaneous results. Moreover, itcan also allow the quiz creator to randomize the questions and also set a timer to eliminate cheating. This is why such quiz software is becoming a very important recruitment tool for companies and organizations all over the world.

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