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How Make a Quiz’ Software Facilitates Home Tutors

Nowadays, private tutoring and home tuitions have become increasingly popular. For students, it is almost a norm to spend 8 hours in school and then flock to a tuition centre to re-learn the same material.

There are many reasons why home or private tutoring is better than going to a packed coaching centre. Firstly, a home tutor is in a better position to give the students individual attention and tend to their personal academic problems.

A classroom environment where the student-teacher ratio is 25 to 1, it is virtually impossible to satisfy every child’s query and help him/her grasp the concept properly. Home tutors, therefore, are like messengers for children who are silently struggling in the classroom and are too timid to raise their hands.

With one-on-one attention and focus by a reliable teacher, such students can quickly learn how to solve their problems and be at the same pace as other students in their classes. According to a recent report by Forbes, global private tutoring will exceed a whopping revenue of $102.8 billion. This figure alone can tell us about the humongous market that is currently using home tutoring services.

And, it’s understandable. Not every child can be taught a concept through the same method. Every student is born with a different unique learning curve. Home tutors can become the best teachers with the right methods. If they provide individual attention, focused methods of learning that suit the student’s needs, and incorporate innovative technology, they can quickly start excelling at their profession.

The use of technology in e-based learning is undeniable. Online exam software can enhance the individual learning of a student and help the tutor quickly identify the areas of weakness. With a wealth of benefits, here’s how technology can facilitate home tutors.  

1.     Individualized Exam Testing

An online exam software can train you, as a tutor, to create personalized exams for your students. You probably know the problems and barriers each student faces. Some kids are not good at mental math, some aren’t that well at reading word problems, while others can’t understand abstract concepts.

Whatever difficulty the student is facing, you can quickly identify it and create personalized exams that cater to their needs. As a home tutor, you are already dealing with them individually; however, online quizzes will help add that personalized touch. As a teacher, it becomes a rewarding experience and adds to your professional resume.

2.     Detailed Productive Feedback

Home tutors are already well-trained in enriching the learning experience through individual attention, for their students. This can be further facilitated by ‘make a quiz’ software that produces instant feedback, results, and grades on student performance.

This is where parents will also understand the importance of extra classes for students. When students return home with constructive feedback on their exam performance through online testing, parents will also invest in the learning process.

3.     Time and Resource Saving

And of course, instead of printing quiz papers in tens and hundreds, simply save up on the resources by taking exams online. Quiz your students through an online platform and allow them to engage with digital technology to make their learning experience more vivid.

Online testing, therefore, is one of the best ways to help students grasp and memorize difficult concepts, and if done in a private tutoring environment, it can enhance individual learning.

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