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How Online Quizzes Can Help You Grow Your Blog

Blogging is one of the most lucrative activities in the online world. You can earn up to $100K a month if you have a huge following. An average blogger can safely monetize their website for around $100 a month.

In short, there is plenty of money in a blogging business. The real reason behind this sudden surge of profits is because bloggers are exclusively meant to connect with their audience. Most of them start off quite small and then gradually become genuine influencers and marketers.

Since the major part of a blogger’s business is based on a personal connection with their audience, they need to constantly engage with them through interactive activities. Only those blogs that can captivate their readers with fun quizzes, games, and valuable content make it big in the long-term.

Trivia quizzes are basically meant to throw questions about varying topics to your followers. They have to answer them as quickly as possible and maybe even gain a prize.

The good thing about trivia quizzes is that they are based on fun and amusing facts instead of general knowledge, which serves as a refreshing experience for your audience. Here’s how you can grow your blog with trivia quizzes.

1.     Enhance Brand Recognition

Trivia quizzes usually include colorful cues and visual aids to pique your reader’s interest. For this reason, they can play a huge role in increasing your brand’s recognition. They also get you a chance to engage with potential consumers who can quickly turn into loyal customers if your quizzes are fun and interactive. You can easily use an online quiz creator to make up an exciting panel quiz.

By asking questions like, “how many times do you use your face cleanser in a day?” or “who has been your favorite president so far?” you can actually identify important aspects of customer behavior. As a blogger, knowing your customers can help you align your business goals with their needs.

2.     Increased Organic Traffic

Google is designed to naturally bring up your website on its first page if you end up amassing a good chunk of followers. With trivia quizzes, you are very likely to find genuine followers who will also end up loving your services along with fun quizzes. The greater the organic traffic of your blog is, the higher the chance of increased visibility.

People who like trivia quizzes will recommend it to their friends and family. As the likes and shares start growing, your blog will soon reach the top of the search engine.

3.     Effective Lead Generation  

By using a quiz creator, you also have an advantage of encouraging your customers to sign up with their E-mail addresses, phone addresses, and home-town. This can give you a fair idea of where the audience is coming from and what their interests and dislikes are.

Quizzes are, therefore, a great way to create leads and turn them into loyal customers. By asking questions like, “what is the last item on your bucket list?”  or “what is your dream holiday destination?, you can definitely understand the customer’s preferences.

It’s time to up your blog game by using a quiz creator for some fun and interactive trivia questions to engage your audience.

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