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4 Top Reasons Why You Should Make a Quiz a Part of Your Advertising Campaign


When it comes to the components of an advertising campaign, few people feel that they should make a quiz for their consumers. However, research shows that quizzes are becoming popular for use, outside of a classroom environment.

BuzzFeed is the biggest example of how fun quizzes can actually be. Additionally, using a quiz in your advertising campaign can also give you loads of benefits, including the following ones:

1.     Boost Engagement

Engagement with your target audience is necessary to find out the reach and effectiveness of your marketing campaign. Most advertisers resort to spending money to boost their ads but did you know that all you need to do is make a quiz?

Using a quiz can help boost your engagement in the market by as much as 70%. In fact, BuzzFeed quizzes were responsible for not only boosting engagement but also contributing to the website’s growth over the past years.

In 2013 alone, their online quizzes generated 130 million new users.

2.     Generates Better Leads

Lead generation can also be improved if you take the time to just make a quiz. In fact, more and more businesses use quizzes to get leads from their target market. In most cases, the quizzes match the consumer with the right products from their inventory based on their preferences. Many also have a small form for the consumer to fill in before they get to the results.

This allows you to also generate more tangible leads and boost your products with ease. In fact, this is exactly what the brand Elephant Pants did. They created a quiz which matched consumers with products from their inventory and led back to their funding page. As a result, they were able to get the funding they needed and even exceeded the amount they had set.

3.     Has Bigger Shareability

Quizzes are shared more in social media channels which make them a better form of content to share. This not only improves interaction but also boosts your overall outreach in the market. With the help of the right quiz, you can easily generate quite a buzz among your target audience.

Another good example of the shareability can be seen with BuzzFeed quizzes. They always make sure to add a share button at the end. So, when you make a quiz, include share buttons that boost the shareability and enhance the visibility of the quiz as well.

4.     The Most Popular Interactive Content

Over the years, interactive content has slowly started to become more popular among the target market. This means that when you make a quiz, you automatically have a higher chance of grabbing the attention of your target audience.

In fact, quizzes, surveys and interactive infographics are considered to be the most interactive pieces of content in the market so far. With these mediums, you’re able to get more page views, double your conversion rate and even get a good ROI from your marketing campaign.

Just remember that to get all the benefits listed here, you need to make a good quiz for your target market to enjoy!


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