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Here Is Why A Teacher Is Better Off Using Online Exam

The Benefits Of Using Online Exams

Does marking hundreds or thousands of answer sheets tire you out? You can now complete that work instantly using the internet. It is true; you can now automate exams, fully. Automation gives fast results, therefore saving a lot of time that would have been spent on marking. The internet has made things so different, from the manual procedure of conducting exams. You can access it through the web. All the instructions will be displayed to the people taking the test before it starts, therefore eliminating the need to monitor them.

For you to test your students online effectively, the following factors have to be in place:

·         Exams - It is obvious that for students to function, there has to be exams. These days, you can just use the internet to create an exam online if you make the necessary arrangements to keep contents secure until the beginning time.

·         Exam supervision - For exams to be fair, you have to identify and screen students. Supervision also helps to maintain high exam standards. Technology helps you to monitor the progress of the examinees in real time.

·         Marking exams - This final stage of examinations determines whether an exam was a success of failure for the candidates. Marking shows the level of success and achievement in life.

Securing an exam online

An exam has to be secured and confidential for it to be seen as fair. You need to make sure that your prepared exams are secure from unauthorized access because the questions will leak in before time. This means you have to cancel the exam and prepare another one amidst credibility loss.

Surprisingly, online assessment is quite secure just like paper tests that you can keep under lock and key. It is even more transparent than the traditional method because exam questions and evaluations cannot be compromised or influenced. On the internet, you will generate instant results and in most instances, the examinee will get information on performance immediately.

The main way to secure an online exam is by locking the database from any unauthorized person. You will be the only person who can access it.

You will have a randomization option. You can change the order of questions so that participants do not see the questions in the same order. You can also easily mix questions each time you add new ones to the system database.


When you use online testing, you will have allowed students the freedom to take exams from different locations. Students with a computer and internet connection do not have to commute to a physical venue. You can make a quiz without worrying about geographical barriers and distance. It also means that you can create and present the exam online without moving from your house.

You can configure exams to be accessed round the clock for candidates to take it their convenient time. You can also set an exam and present it in different languages.

When you use online testing, it makes it possible to present an exam to thousands of students at different regions. You can present to as many students as it requires because you can also mark online, then presents results to the students.

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