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How Secure are Online Exams?

We Protect the Security of Your Testing Information

Online exam testing software is a relatively new concept to a large portion of people. Companies and instructors who are considering creating these tests often worry that their tests will not be secure. They worry that people will gain access to the test questions fraudulently and that the results of the people taking the examinations will be compromised because of this.

Exam Testing understands the concerns that you might have about the security of your testing information. We know that you hear about security breaches of Internet sites almost on a daily basis and that you have a real cause for your concerns. We want to assure you that the security of your information, your questions, and the people who take your tests has been taken very seriously by our developers. We have done everything we could to make certain that your account information is secure so your tests will be confidential.

The Exam Testing software is designed so that the only people who will be able to view your testing material are those people that you give permission to do so. No one that is not authorized by you will have access to your questions or to the answers of those questions.

Top Level Measures Taken to Prevent Breaches

Exam Testing uses SSL encrypted servers to protect the accounts that use the online testing software. This is the same software used by banks and financial institutions to protect customer account information and other sensitive data they transmit. All of the information you put onto our site is protected from the moment you begin your upload of information.

There have been several features included in the exam testing software to help you control who has the ability to view your testing material. You can establish an IP range only allowing people with IP addresses that originate in certain demographic locations to access your testing materials. You can establish password protection that only allows your students to access the materials or you can set the tests so that any student from a certain school can access the data. You have complete control over who sees your tests and who can take your tests.

When you establish an account with Exam Testing, you will have to create a strong password to be used by people who want to gain access to your tests. If someone attempts to sign into the account and uses the wrong password several times, the account will be automatically locked until an administrator contacts us to allow it to be reopened. This locking of the account will be inconvenient to some, but it will protect your information in the event that someone is attempting to gain unauthorized access.

Our data entry operators and staff have their own unique passwords that allow them to gain private access and set up your account information and manage any problems you have with your account. The log in information that our data entry operators use will not allow them to see information such as your test results or other private information.


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