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How Should You Time Your Online Tests for Your Students?

Timed tests are growing more popular with each passing day. In fact, this is why you can find online exam software which accommodates this feature. Students can perform well on tests that are properly timed but there is a fine line that needs to be maintained.

Poor time constraints can increase the chances of failure in your program. This means that you have to make sure to time your tests properly. Unfortunately, most teachers and tutors often don’t pay attention to this factor.

Not doing so can cause the following major scenarios:

·         If your tests are too long, your students will start to waste time – There’s also more time for them to cheat. Idle minds are the devil’s playground after all.

·         If the tests too short, your students will not have enough time to answer all the questions – This will lead to test-related anxiety, stress and general demotivation from your students.

So, if you want to make sure that you are timing your tests properly with the help of your online exam software, you need to pay attention to the following:

Test Out the Timings

If you can, have a mock test based on your original test so that you can figure out how much time it takes to answer it. Then, add another 30 minutes as a grace period for your students to the test time. Keep in mind that your mock test should be taken by someone who is on the same level as your students.

If you’re making and giving the mock test, you’re not going to find it difficult and finish much sooner than your students would expect to.

Make it Easy to Answer

Another way to figure out how to time your test is by making it easier to answer. Most tests can become lengthy if a student has to type in everything. Luckily, online exam software tends to be pretty versatile in this matter. It has a lot of different answer formats and structures that you can pick and choose from.

You can make answers based on choose the correct answer formats, true or false and more. This speeds up answering time and lets you keep shorter timelines on the test.

Remember Not to be Too Lenient

It’s necessary to be lenient when making the time limitations but don’t be too lenient. This will give your students plenty of time to either start cheating, worrying about the results and more. You can try to lock down the answers using your online exam software but this feature isn’t always available.

For example: if it takes around 2 hours for the exam to finish, you can add 15 to 30 minutes of grace period to it. On the other hand, if it takes around 3 hours to finish it, there might not be any need to add more time to it.

With the help of the right online exam software and your own teaching experience, you can easily devise the best test for you and your students.

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