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How to Create Online Survey Questions to Leverage Your Audience

We are currently living in the ‘age of the customer’. Everything that your business does has to be about your audience. You could launch an incredibly high-tech service, but if it doesn’t click with the people, the product will fail very soon. Google Glass is one example. In the beginning, the hype around these VR glasses was immense. People were expecting all kinds of things, however, the thrill slowly died down because the audience didn’t see value in the pricey product.

Products or services fail because very little research is done on them. You have to study your audience and know exactly what their preferences are before investing in technology and raw materials. In-depth research of your target niche can greatly help you create services that your customers will truly connect with.

Undoubtedly, the best way to leverage your audience is through eliciting their opinions and views on the specific niche. You can easily do this through online survey questions. After you’ve identified your audience pool, send them a few targeted questions about the product/service that you’re going to launch.

Peep Laja, founder and manager of ConversionXL, got a huge amount of customers in his first month. He claimed that he owed all of it to insightful surveys. Only after he had solid information and an informed idea about what his audience wanted, did he initiate the analytics tool.

So, if you’re looking to create an effective survey for your audience to win their approval, then here are some tips to help you out.

1.     Include a Mix of Different Types of Questions

Use a quiz software to create a mix of open-ended and close ended questions. If you include too many open-ended, long questions, your audience will tire out quickly. In most cases, people have a very short attention span when filling online surveys. So, make sure your questions are crystal-clear, focused, and targeted.

You can also include a few multiple choice and close-ended questions to engage your audience. If your product is highly driven by opinion, then you can also use ratio-scales to determine your audience’s mood.

2.     Choose Simple Language Only

Never ever try to sound flowery when surveying your audience. Avoid any technical jargons or restricted phrases. If you truly want to connect with your target audience, only use simple and plain language. Phrase your questions using common words. They will be eager to answer a question that they understand in the first go.

3.     Use Contact Information Wisely

Most surveys make the contact info mandatory. However, as a confidant, you should use it wisely. Even if you make it voluntary, not having contact info won’t harm your research. As long as you have genuine responses about your product, you’re good to go. You may use their info to thank them later but never for spamming. This way, you can build a good rapport with them.

So, now that you know how to structure your surveys, cut the wait, and create survey questions with an online quiz software. Research your audience well, and create a fun and engaging survey for your target audience!  


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