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How to Expand Your Readership Through Exciting Quizzes

Quizzes are always fun and exciting. Whether you’re a brainy kid or a working professional, everyone enjoys some time off answering light-hearted quizzes. It could be a personality quiz, an opinion poll, or simply a bunch of open-ended questions that invite dynamic responses.

Quizzes are one of the most effective tactics to attract a greater readership. This is why they’re highly recommended for blogging websites. Many famous bloggers like to keep their audience on their feet by getting them to answer humorous and interactive quizzes.

And, it’s certainly a fantastic marketing strategy to draw in more followers. Around 53% of the world’s greatest marketers say that blogging is indeed the most effective way to market their niche. And, what better way to attract your followers than through quizzes!

 If they end up liking your quiz, they will definitely recommend it to their friends and family over social media. This alone can improve your blog’s organic traffic.

Choose a reliable online quiz maker and create questions to interact with your audience. Here are some tips to help you through the quiz-making process.

1.     Do Some Research

Before you get down to creating a quiz, learn what your audience may or may not be interested in. If your niche is health and fitness, yoga, or nutritious eats, then try to figure out questions that relate to your audience. Perhaps, questions on “your go-to snacks” or “surprising yoga facts you didn’t know”. Through your research, you will be able to decipher what your audience prefers.

2.     Make Your Reader’s Time Valuable

Your questions should be niche-specific and interesting. This is where you have to put in the most effort. If need be, look into their social media habits or simply ask them what’s on their mind these days. Then use this information to create valuable and meaningful quizzes.

3.     Improve Readability

Don’t try to jumble up lots of questions in one quiz. You can save some for later. Keep the quizzes as simple and easy to read as possible. The language you use should be intelligible and common. This is precisely where your prior research on the audience will help you.

4.     Infuse Personality and Vivid Images in Your Quizzes

Colors will definitely do the trick. If your quiz is inspired by psychology, then make sure to add lots of images relevant to the mind. Entice your readers by infusing an element of personality in the quizzes. Titles likes, “Are you Brand Loyal or not?” or “Are you an Introvert or an Extrovert” can really encourage people to put their limits to the test.

5.     Don’t Add Fillers

Don’t try to probe any information you don’t need. Instead of adding “filler” questions, keep the content to a minimum. The lesser and more engaging the questions, the greater the response.

So, with these tips and a reliable quiz maker, create a thrilling and attractive quiz, with a catchy headline. Once your blog is overflowing with exciting quizzes, your readership will definitely expand.


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