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4 Things You Need to Know About What Makes a Good Test

You can use the best online exam software but if you don’t know what makes a good test, you won’t  be able to get the results you want. Most teachers think that tests which are able to produce and predict reliable outcomes are good tests.

The reality is that good tests are based on good questions. Simple, isn’t it? However, it can be a difficult task to implement even if you’re using the best online exam software. To have the right questions, you need to make sure that they meet the following criterion:

1.     They’re Related to the Material

Always make sure that all test questions are based accurately on the study material of your students. Suppose you’re making a test about Egyptian mythology. Adding questions about American History will make no sense here. Sure, you want to add a certain degree of difficulty but it’s not always right to do it through questions.

If you’re hearing your students complaining about how the questions don’t relate to what they studied, or that the test didn’t cover the major areas pointed out to them, you might have to consider changing it. It’s not a good test if it doesn’t test what someone is studying.

2.     Ensures Clarity

When crafting a test, make sure that your test questions are clear and to the point. This means that your students are not left confused or wondering how to write their answer. Clarity also means that you are asking them questions with answers that can be narrowed down.

For example: Suppose you’re asking “What is at the center of the Earth?” the correct answer would be the core. But other correct answers are magma, magnetic fields, dirt, etc. Make sure that your questions are tailored to make your students give the answers you are looking for.

3.     The Difficulty of the Questions

Students will always complain about tests which is why some teachers tend to turn a deaf ear towards them. However, if you hear that your test is too difficult all the time, there is a high possibility that you’re not considering the difficulty level.

With good online exam software, you should be able to gauge this factor. In fact, try to hold a mock test so that you can figure out whether or not you are overlooking this area or not.

4.     Setting Time Limits

Data does show that students who have to work with time limits for tests don’t always perform better. On the other hand, one study showed that students who were given 15 to 10 minutes more scored higher than the students who weren’t.

Test out the time limits and pick them wisely. In some cases, having time constraints does make sense.  Certain tests such as the Postal Exam 473 are renowned for their high difficulty and limited time constraints. But, since the test is used to fill in almost 90% of jobs in the USPS, it’s understandable.

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