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How Can Online Exam Software Offer Value Addition to Examiners?

Today, different types of online exam software are now becoming an increasingly popular means of conducting tests and examinations for both educational as well as recruitment purposes.  This is because they can offer the best parameters to test and measure the knowledge levels as well as the skillsets of the candidates. If conducted properly, such examination software tools can easily be utilized to both test and grade students and applicants on multiple topics simultaneously.

Before the invention of online examination tools, both teachers and recruiters and their student and applicant counterparts alike had to gather in an examination hall. Then the invigilators passed the papers to the students so that they could take the exam properly.

Unfortunately, people from far-flung areas had to either make that long arduous journey to the hall or forgo the exam altogether. But now all this has changed due to the emergence and subsequent popularity of online testing software. This nifty little tool allows the applicants to take their exams in virtual space, irrespective of their geographical location. In fact, people from other countries could also successfully apply to universities and colleges and even jobs, even while being on the other end of the world.

The only requirements are real knowledge (since its practically impossible to cheat in an online exam), a fast Wi-Fi connection (to download questions and upload answers,) an up to date browser (to ensure that the online exam software is fully integrated into the device with which the prospective candidate is taking the exam) and the online testing software itself. 

o   How Can a Layman Use This System?

The examiner downloads the software on his own account. Once the installation process is complete, he will simply have to add the questions to his exam or test. Most software can easily handle multiple questions (MCQs) as well as segregate questions on the basis of their subject matter. It is also possible to switch from free text questions to fill in the blanks and MCQs on the same page.

Come examination time, the candidate will use the login ID and password provided to him by the examiner. These identification measures are time bound and typically expire within hours. Once he logs on, he has to finish the test within the stipulated time period. And best of all, he will know his result the minute he finishes the exam.

This eliminates the cost of transportation for the candidate, the cost of paper and pens for the examiners, and removes any chance of tampering with the results, thereby simplifying the whole examination process to a considerable degree.

o   Conclusion

In light of the above, we can deduce that the increasing popularity of online exam software is largely due to the world of convenience it brings to its users.  Online exam software is a highly effective replacement for the conventional classroom testing system and it can streamline the entire examination process.






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