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4 Reasons Why Schools Need Online Exam Software

In the present times, two things are prevalent—technology and environmental consciousness. Because of the fast-paced lives we live, it is increasingly important to incorporate the latest technology in all aspects of life, including the academic sector. The best part is that employing technology in the academic sector is also eco-friendly!

If your school still uses traditional methods of manual testing and assessments, then you need to see the benefits of online exam software for schools and colleges and incorporate this technology for a better learning process!

1.     Eliminates the Use of Paper

The progress in technology has enabled us to switch over to more eco-friendly lifestyles. One of the most important parts of becoming environmentally conscious is saving trees and minimizing deforestation.

According to the Global Forest Resource Assessment, 80,000 to 160,000 trees were cut down in 2015 to make paper. This led to a drastic change in global climate, an increase in air and water pollution, and an increased occurrence of natural disasters.

As schools and colleges incorporate digital methods such as online exam software, they discourage paper manufacturing, enabling their students and faculty members to become environmentally conscious.

2.     Reduces Administrative Burden

School administration has extra work during examinations. From arranging and organizing the exam papers to managing every student—it can become overbearing. This leads to putting other important administrative matters on hold, causing a delay.

One of the most major benefits of online software for schools and colleges is that it helps them reduce administrative burden. As a result, the admin department can focus on its own workload without interruptions.

3.     Cuts down Costs

Online exam software can enable schools to cut down their overall costs and become much more efficient. This is because to conduct non-digital exams, schools and colleges need to rent out or arrange an exam hall, external invigilators, question and answer sheets, stationery, and much more.

Once the exam has been taken, there is printing, scanning, checking, scoring, and re-printing involved. As the scores are collected, a separate ‘mark sheet’ is created and printed, which grades the student’s overall performances.

Not only does this entire procedure have a high level of paper usage, but it also involves a lot of other costs, which can easily be avoided with online exam software.

4.     On-Spot Results

The manual method of conducting exams takes a teacher or professor way too long to check, score, and grade the paper. But with online exam software, teachers have the benefit of creating ‘auto-scorable’ questions that check and score the test immediately.

This enables the students to access their mark sheets instantly. In addition, it means that the chance of error in checking is eliminated. Another benefit of on-spot results is that teachers have more time to give detailed feedback to the student and help them track their performance.

Online exam software can be extremely useful as it enables quick, easy, and effective learning. So as time passes on, make sure to adapt!

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