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4 Reasons Why Teachers Prefer Online Testing Software

In the present times, schools and colleges have expanded their educational services from on-premises to digital and remote learning. Not only does this enable the academic institutions to become more competitive, but it also allows for a quick and effective learning experience for students.

From creating the exam paper manually and conducting it in person to checking, grading and assembling the final results—the traditional process of conducting exams is hectic, stressful, and time-consuming.

But with online testing software, teachers and professors can conduct an assessment anytime, anyplace, and grade the exam instantly! Some of the top benefits of online testing software for teachers and professors include:

1.     Reliable Result

Whether a graduate applies for higher studies or a job, they will be given preference based on the reliability of their results. Anyone who judges you based on your exam will test the reliability through:

·         The Creation Process

·         Supervision

·         Marking

Online testing software enables examiners to achieve all of this! Not only is the creation process smooth and streamlined, but the supervision is effective. Also, there is no room for cheating and because of the auto-scorable questions, the marking is error-free.

2.     Auto-Generated Quizzes

One of the biggest benefits of online testing software for teachers and professors is the ability to use auto-generated quizzes. The online exam software contains a vast library of all the academic books and material used by the students to study and prepare for the exam.

Since the testing software has an entire e-library, it features a tool which enables the examiners to create auto-generated quizzes. This makes the exam creating process much more efficient for the teacher and fair for the student.

3.     Engaging Exam

Most students complain about exam papers being too boring or monotonous. But with online testing software, teachers and professors can now create assessments that aren’t only visually appealing, but also engaging.

By incorporating images, videos, animation, and PDFs in the final exam, the teacher has the ability to make the exam paper much more engaging. This keeps the students mentally alert and highly responsive.

In addition, a creative and visually vibrant test can take away the ‘exam fright’ which students tend to face during the exam. Since the exam created on the software is non-conventional, it enables students to maintain better grades.

4.     Environmental Consciousness

Another reason why more and more academic practitioners are using online testing software is that it promotes sustainable usage. The role of the teacher is to educate and spread awareness among the students.

By incorporating digital testing methods, the teachers and professors can easily eliminate the usage of paper and prevent the mass cut down of trees by paper manufacturers. In this way, they aren’t only individually adopting sustainable consumption but also are encouraging their students to do the same.

Online testing software has a significant impact on the student’s performance and has proved to improve it immensely. This is why most teachers and educationalists prefer this method of testing!

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