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How Online Quizzes Can Improve Your Company’s Induction Training

Every company has an induction process to allow its employees to ease into the new environment. It is one of the most important tasks undertaken by the HR to ensure that the new workers are comfortable. Creating a first day’s induction training by explaining the culture of the new place, policies, and rules allows employees to feel welcomed.

Most companies put a lot of effort into their induction training because it’s also the time to make first impressions. The new team members are going to get a tour of the place and the people for the first time. Everything is planned thoughtfully to allow workers to pick up on the new culture, work, and rules.

Most managers prepare a PowerPoint about the new job or conduct a quick training session to brief the worker about the job. While these are comprehensive ways of induction training, managers often fail to make the best of them.

Many employees complain that they weren’t given a good briefing on their first day or that they were confused about who to report to for a week. Not only does it give off a poor impression but companies can end up losing hefty revenues for not investing in the introductory training.   

In order to create a lasting impression and empower the new workers at the job, it’s necessary to plan out each section of the induction training. Here is one thoughtful tip for successful induction training.

Employee Induction Test Questions

A smart way to grab their attention is to get them to fill an online quiz. As an unusual but fun way of learning about the new environment, you can chip in facts and general rules about how the company works in the quizzes.

Questions like, “How many companies in your area are currently creating software solutions?” would impel the employee to brainstorm. After a while, they may answer with an estimated amount.

You can then build on that question, with a little known fact about your own company – given that it’s related to IT. And, then continue introducing the remaining facts of how the workplace works, who the senior management is, and so on.

Apart from being interactive and fun, it can also lay off the mental anxiety related to the first day for your new employees.

Including Trivia Quizzes

Making a quiz for a target audience, whether it’s your new employees or a new market, is incredibly easy. You can incorporate all your questions in an online quiz maker, and create the trivia in no time. Adding a fun trivia section will evoke their curiosity, and create a lasting impression about your company’s “relaxed and friendly” culture.  

When companies invest in their induction training, they will automatically see results. Not only does it save time and money, but it also drastically cuts down employee turnover rate. First impressions always matter, and if you can manage to portray a friendly work environment, your employees will stay with you for a long time.


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