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Online Exam Software: Revolutionizing the Exam Process as We Know It!

Using online exam software adds a whole world of convenience and efficiency to any exam conducted by either a company or an educational institution.  This is because of the increasing intelligence of the software used to create such exams and tests.

For example, a large organization can give fresh inductees a manual regarding company information during their orientation. Then, on the day of joining, they can prepare a pop quiz to see which fresh recruit knows the most about the company they have decided to join. Alternately, education institutions can use this handy tool to fine tune their examination system.

Apart from the usual benefits of using such examination software – such as ease of use, convenience, and security – there are many secondary benefits as well. For example, the use of powerful and capable algorithms that can increase and decrease the difficulty level of an exam or quiz to retain the interest of the quiz takers. Scroll down to read what else online exam software can do for you.

o   Individual Value System

From the examiner’s point of view, it is possible to assign individualized values to the exam. They can gauge the capabilities of the quiz taker by assigning different values to different questions as per pre-defined criteria.  You can use any number of advanced algorithms that use machine learning principles to increase or decrease the difficulty levels of the quiz.  Some of these algorithms include the following:

o   Managing the Learning Curve with The Help of Adaptive Algorithms

Using these algorithms as part of your online testing software module will allow you to adjust the difficulty level of different questions in a quiz. These can then be more evenly matched to the knowledge and capability of the various quiz takers. And since the quiz works in real time, it is possible to know instantaneously where the student stands in terms of the knowledge he has learned from the course. 

One of the best things about this system is that the questions are automatically adjusted as the quiz taker starts answering the questions.  Too many wrong answers will mean that the algorithm will decrease the difficulty level of the test and vice versa.

There are many variants of such online testing software. For example, there are algorithms that can only increase the difficulty level of the quiz while others can increase or decrease the difficulty level of every succeeding question. This will boost the confidence of the quiz taker who will be delighted to ‘ace’ this exam.

o   Conclusion

In light of the above, we can deduce that online exam software has a lot going for it. In fact, it is lightyears ahead of the traditional ink and paper testing system. By using such examination software, you can gain an insight into the capabilities of students and candidates. This way your evaluation will be more accurate than ever before.


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