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Why You Should Always Use Online Testing Software Instead of Ink and Paper Tests


There was a time when standard ink and paper tests were the norm rather than the exception. But that was when online testing software was in its infancy and few examiners and invigilators were able to trust this new and revolutionary method of testing their students. 

But today, an increasingly large number of organizations and institutions of higher learning are turning to this system to enhance the quality of their tests. There are two major benefits of this system that apply to both pre and post exam stages:

o   Post Examination Safety: High Level of Security of Answer Sheets and Other Data

Using an online exam software effectively ensures that all the answers given by the candidates and students are perfectly safe. That is, they are protected by end-to-end encryption. This means that hackers and other unscrupulous elements cannot force their way into the system to grade the answers as per their own choice. In fact, the current generation of examination software is almost completely immune to any sort of hacking attempts that might change the results of the exam.

o   Pre-examination Security: No Need to Worry about Leaked-Out Test Papers

Leaked-out test papers have been a problem ever since the dawn of institutionalized education. A leaked test or exam paper effectively destroys the whole purpose of the exam. Not only does it cast doubts on the whole exercise, but it also gives an unfair advantage to the cheating candidates and students. Furthermore, it also damages the reputation of the institution or organization that is conducting the tests.

This is precisely why most institutions go to extraordinary lengths to protect their question papers from unauthorized individuals, thereby maintaining the integrity of their exam systems.

These steps are necessary because the release of the question papers before the examination can give certain people an unfair advantage over their fellow students. This, in turn, destroys the concept of merit as the sole criterion for the examination.

The deserving students who have labored night and day are surpassed by those who have simply cheated by gaining unauthorized access to their question papers beforehand. 

This is the part where online testing software comes into the picture. It offers a unique and extremely effective solution to this age-old problem. It does so by ensuring the privacy and the integrity of the examination data. This way, the examination authority can make sure that the content of the test papers is absolutely secure from any pilferage attempts.

o   Conclusion

In light of the above, we can see that examination software can make a world of difference at the pre-examination stage as well as post examination stage. It not only protects critical information,  but also enhances the authenticity of the whole examination exercise.


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