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Important Features That You Should Look For in Your Examination Software

3 Key Features to Look for in Examination Software

When it comes to examination software, the features it has should be the biggest priority for you. Yes, the budget you have and the price are important, but they should not be the only factor you base your choice on. Knowing what key features to look for can make things a lot easier for you. That’s why we’re going to take a closer look at different features that examination software should have. The following are the ones we think add more value:

1. Exam Monitoring

With online tests, it can be hard to know who is attempting the test and when. Distance learning programs are also difficult to assess. You’ll have to trust your students to finish the time within the given time limits. However, if you really want to know how many students are attempting your test, you should opt for exam monitoring features. This feature lets you monitor your students in real-time, as they attempt the test. It will also give you insight into other areas such as which tests are getting dropped, which areas are too hard to attempt or if the time limits are too restrictive.

2. Security Options

The security options on your examination software are crucial. This not only ensures that the test is not cheatable. It also ensures that you’re able to secure your information with ease. Additionally, security options will prevent someone from copy-pasting the test, signing into the test through multiple accounts, or even taking screenshots with the print screen option. These security measures will deter your students and other participants and force them to focus on attempting the test in an honest manner. It’s a little deterrent but once the students know that it is in place, it will make them focus their energy more on attempting the test than trying to cheat on it.

3. Selling Examinations

Are you offering a specialized course and making tests or examinations for it? Then you need to sell the exam to the person. To maintain that exclusivity, you need to have a selling option in your examination software. Unfortunately, not all software offers this feature so you will have to shop around a bit for it. Selling also means that you need to have shareability features. This can allow you to market the test on your website, your blog or other platforms such as your social media pages. Then, all your candidates have to do is pay the cost and attempt the test.

Don’t Give up Yet!

Now, it can be difficult to find software that has all these features but with a little bit of searching, you can find software which is designed with all these and more. In fact, you can also find that it matches your budget too. Just remember to get a demo or take a trial period of the test first. Examination software can be complex and does involve a bit of a learning curve. This is why it is going to be better to test it first. Then, you won’t end up wasting your time or your money on the software.

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