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What Elements Should You Include When You Make a Quiz for Interaction?

Whether you’re running a blog or even have a social media page, hosting a quiz can boost your interaction. So, if you want to grow your interaction, make a quiz. It’s as simple as that. Why is that? We can partially thank BuzzFeed for making quizzes fun for the average internet user. Quizzes have also been found to be one of the highest-ranking interactive tools. Data shows that out of all the organic searches that BuzzFeed gets, the term “BuzzFeed Quizzes” ranks at No. 2. Now, if you want to boost interaction and get the most benefits, you need to make your own quiz.

Elements to Help You Make a Quiz

The best part is that making a fun quiz can be done easily now. The following are the main elements which can help you do this with ease:

1. Have a Good Theme

Always make sure that you have a good theme which is quirky enough to attract the attention of a person. Again, BuzzFeed is a good example of how the weirdest of themes will raise a person’s interaction. No one has ever thought of what kind of potato they will be. However, when they see a quiz like that, it will make them stop and interact with the quiz. Similarly, pick a theme which will attract the attention of the target audience. Just remember to keep things quirky and avoid going too wild with them.

Use Bright Visuals

The images are the second biggest elements which can increase the popularity of your quiz and make your target audience want to interact with them. Make sure you’re using good quality pictures, from Shutterstock. Visuals in quizzes are 60% responsible for attracting the interest of the audience. So, make sure you’re using the right quality pictures coupled with the theme or the question. It’s going to be odd if the pictures don’t make any sense at all in relation to the quiz.

Have an Interesting Title

What’s the first thing that someone will see when they see the quiz? It’s the title. The title of the quiz will always catch the attention of the audience. It’s one of the key components to pay attention to when you want to make a quiz. Titles need to have something compelling which interacts with the users. Most of the popular quizzes on BuzzFeed have titles which are simple yet incite a certain action. It’s a good idea to try to apply this to your quizzes.

Help Them Take an Action

In the end, BuzzFeed quizzes let you take action in the form of sharing the results on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and more. This can be a very useful tool which can boost the interaction and reach of the quiz. The more that people share it, the more others will react with it. BuzzFeed’s quizzes are designed to be shared on social platforms, but you can modify these quizzes with ease. Some businesses also like to make a quiz where the result allows the person to look at products from their inventory.

Final Word

With these tips, you can easily have a great quiz which gives you tangible results with ease.

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