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A Short Checklist of the Best Quiz Creator Features

E-learning has gained relevance in recent years and is growing in popularity. With e-learning’s retention rate increasing, it’s no surprise that the industry is said to be worth $325 billion by 2025. One of the most prominent resources of the industry is online exam software, which is a powerful tool for teachers. With the help of such software, businesses and teachers alike can create high quality quizzes and obtain evaluation power.

Best Quiz Creator Features

A high quality quiz creator provides a comprehensive solution, but how do you evaluate its effectiveness? There is a list of features that can help you create worthy content and improve the system on a deeper level. This checklist will help you make the right choice and choose an option that will reap great rewards.

1. Superior Support

A great experience helps clients morph into loyal customers. With a support system that never lets you down, you can be sure that a quiz creator is worth your while. A team of experts that is always ready to assist you and solve your queries is just the feature that spells success. Whether it is by phone, email or live chat, a comprehensive support system will enable you to get the best of the software.

2.Customizable Templates

Starting from scratch every time you need to make a quiz is time-consuming. With customizable templates at your disposal, it’s easier to function and be done with your work on time. A quality quiz creator enables you to design your own content with a few templates to help you along.

3.Date Importing & Exporting

Offline authoring isn’t a feature that’s readily available for online exam software. So look for a quiz creator that offers this feature to make your life easier. It’s easier to upload data from existing excel sheets than to feed the information again. One of the main issues that users come across is data exporting, as few software programs offer the opportunity to do so. Hence, be sure to opt for an option that offers exceptional data exporting options. With the help of this feature, it’s easier to transfer the data in a readable format and evaluate the results.

4.High Notch Security

Safe and secure online exam software is the need of the hour to ensure the most accurate results. This feature can help you prevent unauthorized access and thus reduce the threat of infringement. The safety of your information is crucial, and only a comprehensive product will provide that.

5.Detailed Reporting System

The main goal of a quiz is to measure performance, which is only possible if the quiz creator provides detailed information. By generating comprehensive reports, the software makes it easier to measure performance and evaluate results. The extensive data made available provide you with the information you seek. It can be used to examine trends, compare results and predict future results. The possibilities of using the data are endless so make sure you choose a quiz creator that offers this feature.


E-learning has become a part of life and it is here to stay. You too can reap its benefits by tapping into its huge potential.

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