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Here’s How to Choose the Best Software Testing Solutions Out There

There was a time when instructors used to spend hours selecting the most relevant questions for hourly tests, mid-term exams, and the likes. After that, they had to thoroughly proofread their question papers to check for errors and repetition. Once the papers were done, the education board had to start the cumbersome process of hiring highly experienced invigilator and conducting the physical test itself. Lastly, they had to collect all of the test copies which had be sent to the test makers for manual grading and the allocation of marks.

However, all of these old ideas and methods can now be safely discarded. In fact, today a lot of the logistics, time, and money can be saved with the help of online software solutions. This is because cutting edge examination software can easily solve many seemingly intractable problems. This ‘state of the art technology’ has effectively simplified the whole examination and testing process.

Features to Look For in an Examination Software

While different examination papers are determined by individual circumstances, there are certain key features, elements, and functions that differentiate mediocre software from the really great solutions available today:

1. It Must Be ‘Cheat’ Proof

Many high consequence exams require foolproof protection against cheating and other unfair means (UFM). For example, the entrance examinations to top tier universities, employment tests, certification tests, etc. cannot afford any sort of UFM attempts. This is why a really good examination system will always have several anti-cheating features in place. This way, it will be able to counter plagiarism and cheating efforts quite effectively.

Personal PIN codes, password protection, and encryption are all must-have tools that should be part of the examination software suite.

2. The Software Should be User-friendly

Many applicants and students are comfortable with the traditional look and feel of a typical exam. This is why it is very important that the software solution should try to replicate and create a real-life examination experience. Furthermore, it should be easily accessible to all the relevant stakeholders concerned.

If there are any problems and issues with downloading and subsequent installation than such software will end up creating even more problems than it can solve. This is of particular importance for recruitment center examinations and assessment tests because candidates from different backgrounds will have to be familiar with the same type of software.

3. Manufacturers Should Always Provide Proper Operational Support

Since most recruiters, teachers, and examiners will not have the technical know-how to handle highly complicated queries related to their exam software, it makes sense for the makers to offer across the board technical and operational support.


Once you start using examination software, you won't have to deal with more than half of the problems that are associated with ink and paper examinations. But that can only happen if you use the best software for the purpose.

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