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5 Things the Top Quiz Creators Have in Common

The popularity of online quizzes is undeniable. Whether you’re a researcher trying to collect data or a marketer trying to generate more leads, quizzes can be your secret tool for success. According to one survey, 82% of internet users will take part in a quiz if they see it on their social media newsfeed. Quizzes attract strong engagement and are one of the best tools for gathering genuine data. They make use of human curiosity to find out more. But to make successful quizzes that inspire engagement, you need a reliable quiz creator software.

Features to Look For in a Quiz Creator

To make your search for finding the best quiz creator software easier, here we’ve listed down a few things you should be looking for when getting the right quiz creator software.

1. Allow Creativity and Easy Customization

Being able to stand out in the midst of all the online noise is what everyone wants. Therefore, customization is really important if you want to come up with unique content. People take a lot of quizzes every day. If you wish to make them remember you or your brand, you’ve got to give them something that sets itself apart from a generic quiz. If you’re a marketer, you would be interested in knowing that 70% of consumers trust your brand for the ability to come up with custom content. Also, when you’re planning your follow-up strategies, perhaps via email, you want them to recognize your brand with ease. Quiz maker software should allow for customized start-up pages, ability to modify images and designing your specific branding elements around the quiz that goes well with your business.

2. A Wide Range of Quiz Templates

Quiz templates are increasingly becoming more industry specific. Now there are different quiz templates for different businesses such as real estate, fashion, cars, insurance, lifestyle, education, finance and more. So make sure the quiz maker tool you’re considering to get offers a variety of templates to work with.

3. They Should Be Logical

The best quiz creators are logical, smart and intuitive. They should be capable of logical branching of questions. This means that the participant sees the next question based on their previous answer. They also let people skip questions that are irrelevant for them. This keeps your quizzes quick, convenient and hassle-free.

4. Creating Lead Generation Quizzes with Easy Promotion

For a lead generation quiz, you would want that once participants are done with the quiz, they get a personalized product or service recommendation based on their results. So a tool that lets you easily work with offers to create specific promotions that comply with your quiz and its responses is crucial. This way you’re able to make sales-worthy results pages and generate higher leads.

5. Easily Transformed into Trivia Machines for Teachers

Because many teachers and educator now make use of interactive quizzes for various educational purposes, they need something that suits their style. The quiz creator should be able to create multiple-choice based tests, ask open-ended questions, add videos or images into questions and more. Furthermore, it should be able to display correct answers and score at the end of the quiz and also record the results of the entire class.


Remember the key to finding the right quiz creator software is by understanding your aim and then carrying out a few trials to see if a quiz creator works well for you.

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