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Quiz software is a wonderful new marketing tool

Most types of quiz software are used to make examination quizzes only. However, the industry is in the process of rapidly expanding and enhancing its services. There is now a great, new, largely untapped market for a highly reliable and effective quiz creator for online publications. Let us consider the following example.

Understanding Quiz Software

Very few people are aware that the number one article on the New York Times way back in 2013 was not really an article at all. Rather, it was a quiz. And what is truly remarkable is that this particular quiz was actually published on December 21. Basically, it had only eleven 11 days to gain that status. Let us reiterate this point. “In just 11 days, it generated more traffic than any other article launched/published in the whole year!” And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Around 80 percent of content shared online in the recent past, has not been blogs and articles, but quizzes. This is because quizzes made with the right quiz software are easy to share, gather a lot of attention, and are just plain fun. The best is part is that you don’t even have to deal with the hassle of formatting and coming up with different questions and answers since a quiz creator can do the needful for you. This is why the net-savvy marketers and publishers have also caught on to this trend and are using their own quiz software to come up with really interesting and innovative quizzes. For example, The New York Times quiz was developed by their in-house creative team. BuzzFeed also got on to the act and used their own proprietary quiz creator to create some fantastic quizzes. Similarly, Huffington Post has also jumped on to the quiz bandwagon by launching their first quiz. The staggeringly high levels of engagement that these publications have seen with these quizzes were way beyond their own expectations.

Using Quizzes for Getting Great Results

The best part is that you do not really have to be a large publisher with a humongous budget or a team of developers to build your own quiz software tool. There exist many online quiz making software programs that allow just about anyone to not only create a quiz but also embed it on their site so that it can be shared with their target audience. However, merely sharing your quiz with your market is not the main goal. If it's shared and re-shared and there are no backlinks to your site, then the whole exercise will become futile. And other people will be able to derive maximum leverage from ‘your’ quiz. This is why it is very important that the quiz generation software that you use should help you convert all of that exposure into an authentic business outcome. This can be done in two ways. Either all of those social media shares can be backlinked to your site or you can present targeted offers to the people who take these quizzes. In either case, you will be able to capture qualified leads.


Quiz software has now come out of the world of academia and has captured the imagination of marketers and their target audiences alike. This is why it is the hottest and one of the most creative ways to generate leads for businesses.

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