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How to Pick Good Online Testing Software

Qualities an Online Testing Software Should Have

Running a cursory search will show you that when it comes to online testing software, there are too many options to pick from. Unfortunately, if it is your first time getting one, you are likely to make mistakes. Plenty of choices can translate to higher chances of picking the wrong one. So, you shouldn’t just focus on the best software but the right online testing software that meets your needs. To do that, the following are some qualities that you should look out for when choosing online testing software:

1. Gives a Demo

If you can, always try it before you buy it. This gives you a more concrete idea about whether or not that testing software is good for you or not. It can be the best software online but if it doesn’t accommodate your testing wants and needs, it will be useless. With a demo, you’re aware of what the software looks like and how it works. This will remove much of the ambiguity associated with new software. You will also be more confident in picking the kind of online testing software you need for your students.

2. Should be White Labeled

White labeling is necessary because it can be distracting to have software that’s branded with the provider’s logos and slogans. Most organizations are also looking to make the test a part of their brand so having someone else’s logos on it can be a bit annoying. That’s why you should pick online testing software that is white labeled. In this case, it means that you have complete control over the personalization of the test. If you want to place your own logos, themes and more, the software can accommodate it. This feature also lets you add a degree of professionalism to your test.

3. Allows You to Make Your Own Certificates

Whether it is a corporate test or one for your students, you should opt for software that lets you make your own certificates. Personalization here is also best as it will add more value to the certificate. Company logos, custom backgrounds, font type, size and more are all important features to look for. Again, not all online testing software offers you this feature built-in. If that’s the case, you could have to get different software to make the certificates with. Cut down the extra expense and pick and option which accommodates this area as well.

4. Offers Detailed Reports

Did you know that you can learn a lot about the test takers, whether they are students or corporate individuals, by the test results? This data can be utilized in different manners. Good software lets you understand your audience based on their scores, names and other information. This also gives you an idea about the weak areas of your students. If they need additional help through extra classes or more training, you can then recommend the best course of action for them to bring their scores up.


As you can see, good online testing software does more than just help you make a test. That’s why you should pick one with a lot of attention and care.

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