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Simple Ways to Make Exams Cheat Proof when Using Online Exam Software

Even with the help of online exam software, what is the one universal thing that teachers can expect from students every time they take a test? Cheating.

Why Students Cheat

Students all over the world, if given the opportunity, will cheat on their test. This has led to teachers coming up with creative solutions to control or deter them. Most teachers end up spending a lot of time in this area. Students cheat for a number of different reasons such as the following:

  • They’re afraid to fail
  • They feel they can get away with it
  • They didn’t study or they don’t feel prepared enough

However, teachers face a lot of trouble in trying to make the tests cheat-proof because they are usually unable to deal with the large volume of their students. That is why online exam software can be your best friend here.

How to Make Your Exam Cheat-Proof Using Online Exam Software

The following are some ways that you can make your exam cheat-proof with online exam software.

1. Make It Inclusive

Most students cheat on tests because they are scared of just a text-based exam. Traditionally, tests do not make use of multi-media, images or other visuals. For students who are visual in nature, this can be a daunting task. That is why they might be tempted to turn to unfair means of scoring better. Luckily, online exam software now makes it possible for you to add images and other multi-media into the test. It makes it easier for the person and allows the test to be more inclusive. Remember that you are trying to test the knowledge of the students. Do not start using the exam as a gate-keeping technique.

2. Have Two-Factor Authentication

It is easier to monitor the progress of a student by having two-factor authentication for exams. Online exam software makes use of this feature so that teachers are aware of who accessed the exam at what time. It also ensures that there is no chance that someone else signed in to give the exam for a different student. This can also be a requirement for the person responsible for checking the exam. This will make sure that online exam software results have not tampered. It is a small-added precaution, which can give you a lot of peace of mind in the end.

3. Make it Timed

Make sure to time your exams. This does two things for the students. First of all, it increases the stakes. Secondly, it makes sure that the students are focused on answering the questions. If their attention is 100% on the exam, they will not have time to cheat, right?

Final Words

Just remember that you need to time your exams properly and in accordance with the course material being studied. You cannot expect students to be able to answer even the toughest biology questions in 1 hour only. Luckily, you can make things easier for them by opting for multiple-choice questions, which saves time and makes answering easier.

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