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Exam Tension: Can Online Examination Reduce it?

Online Assessment Can Help Reduce Exam Tension

Online assessment software has significantly revolutionized how we assess student learning. What the software does is incorporate a wide range of steps that can help a learner take a test from the comfort of their computer or mobile device.

E-assessment, as it is commonly known, specializes in creating interactive and learner-centred assessment to evaluate students.

An exam software allows tutors to use different assessment styles like group work, rubrics, and self-assessment tests that matches a student’s subject study for interactive learning.

What’s more, the software is built to serve any user and help the student have a better experience throughout the assessment period.

Examination and Stress

Normally, you experience a slight level of stress when sitting any exams. How much you tense may depend on your preparedness, anxiety to perform, perceived difficulty of the paper, fear of invigilators and so on.

Everyone gets chills before a paper, no matter the reason. And this is particularly witnessed in classroom tests and examinations where the environment, mood, and sometimes objective of assessment can be unforgiving.

Online assessment however is believed to create the perfect setting and mood for a more relaxed exam. And since digital assessment seeks to continue the learning process, students are not always under intense pressure to perform.

How Digital Assessment Eases Exam Tension

So how does assessing learners in a digital environment reduce exam stress and fever? Find out everything you need to know.

1. Shorter assessment periods.

Unlike hand-taken tests, computer-based tests allow learners to do an exam with their mouse, keyboard, and monitor.

The use of digital systems is associated to reduce stress because an examinee does not have to hand-write their exams for long hours. Plus, editing and reviewing exam papers can be donkeywork.

Computer-based platforms, however, allow you to enter text in an editor or figures in a spreadsheet and do your editing without a hassle.

2. You sit a test when ready!

As is a standard in many institutions, exams are session-based, and they take place at specific times of the year. The rule of thumb his; all students must take the exam onsite at.

Ideally, students are typically presented with bundles of information (to be tested) over the learning period or a few weeks to the examination.

Many times, this is stressful for learners because you have to sit a paper on specific date and time (whether ready or not) or you’ll have missed it completely.

Online testing is different because learners can choose when to take an exam. Testing goes on over a period, say days, which allows a learner to prepare adequately before embarking on a paper.

This kind of approach helps the student to put into practice what they have studied. It also allows them to study at their own pace before actually taking the actual test.

One researcher found out that students preferred taking a test shortly after the tuition as it considerably reduces failure caused by under-preparation.

3. Done on a familiar environment.

Online assessment software has become a game-changer to all those taking high stake assessments and to professionals who do not take exams regularly.

An exam software allows examinees to take tests in familiar environments such as offices or at home.

Notably, no one likes formal examination rooms manned by supervisors and thronged by strangers.

Using online assessment software allows the student to enjoy the element of a familiar surroundings. On top of that, using everyday tools like a phone and computer makes an assessment less stressful.

Incorporating familiar technologies makes web exams less stressful and more interactive.

4. Less or no tension on the assessment day

Many people have to deal with the stress that comes with a long tiresome journey to a test. Time is worry number one, and whether you will secure a spot for you test or not is also a concern.

And the tension piles up to threatening levels when you remember that arriving late may mean sitting a paper in a shorter-than-stipulated time.

Hosting online-based examinations reduces such pressure, because you don’t have to travel. All you have to do is sit in front of your computer when it’s time.

Empower your learners!

Sticking to old assessment methods can mean subjecting your students to unhealthy assessment conditions that may hinder optimal performance. Try newer methods like online assessment and do a survey to find out what your learners feel.

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