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Hiring in 2020 and Beyond: Shifting to Digital Recruitment Methods

Pre-employment Assessment in a Digital World?

Assessing job applicantscan help ensure a brand hires or employs the perfect candidates to take on the empty spots in a workplace. But the term assessment is an umbrella term for the many tests an individual goes through before they finally get employed These tests involve different strategies and each plays a critical role in testing for the different competencies you need in your organization.

You want to choose the assessment techniques that will best reflect an individual’s capabilities in the skillsets that matter to you. Strategy is also key in pre-employment assessment because this process should assess an individual’s qualifications in many different aspects. A well-thought-out digitalrecruitment system should combine a few strategic tests that are vital to a company as we are about to see.

Pre-Hiring Assessments That Matter to Your Company.

Onboarding new staff into your existing employee base is a step by step process that should involve testing candidates for the desirable qualities your company or brand is looking for. Today, technology hassimplified and enhanced the process from the tiresome manualprocess of going through CVs and interviewing candidates to digital methodswhich are more time and cost effective.

Different employee assessment platforms allow you conduct the various forms of assessment listed above. Partnering with the right testing platform can go a long way in improving the effectiveness of your assessment programs. And pre-employment assessment can help a brandgauge theapplicant’s capabilities with regards to the vacancy in question.

The following are some of the assessments that may matter most to your brand.

1. Competence Assessments.

Also known as the aptitude test, it aims at assessing the candidate’s practical knowledge on a given field. It tests the capability of a candidate to apply theoretical knowledge practically on their respective field. Competency or aptitude are rather more innate from a person, whether they are established to a given field or not. By assessing competency, organizations are able to evaluate and analyze responsible and suitable candidates for the respective fields.

2. Personality Assessments.

The most suitable candidates for a given field are those thinking in the same perspective with the organizations goals. Every employer is looking for this during the hiring process. That is why it’s crucial to conduct a personality test before hiring employees. The personality of a person gives an idea of their thought processing and mental stature. How does this happen? During the test, the answers candidates give tells more on how they would react to and handle different situations at work.

3. Expertise Assessment in Their Respective Fields.

This is a great step in conducting pre-employment assessment. The employer needs to know how knowledgeable candidates are in their respective fields. Such knowledge is also known as the domain understanding. Having expertise in a given field means one knows into detail what they are required to do. Assessing expertise helps the recruiter to examine how well candidates understand their fields of interest.

It also helps the employer analyze how deep the learner has studied or how well they are informed with emerging trends in the given field.

4.Emotional Intelligence Test.

Emotional intelligence (EI) refers to a person’s ability to understand their own emotions as well as those of others. High emotional intelligence is a must-have for many organizations, because such persons can work well with coworkers, interrelate with the audiences, and tacklecustomer discontents and challenges in an ethical and professional manner.

5. English Proficiency Test.

The English proficiency assessment as the name suggests, examines a person’s English fluency and are issued to candidates who studied English as asecond language.

6. Leadership Skills Evaluation.

There are employment opportunities that require candidates to demonstrate exceptional leadership skills. For instance, managerial and executive positions. When hiring, leadership assessments aim to test an individual’s management qualities and skills. This assessment is developed for high-level positions in businesses to help recruiters to assess and evaluate leadership skills in candidates.

7.Entrepreneurial Capability Assessment.

Job seekers have to be assessed to see how conversant they are with entrepreneurial skills. His test is meant to evaluate and analyze individual’s business acumen. The employer needs persons who are proactively thinking about business and have the potential to steer the company ahead. An assessment enables them to examine candidates to select the appropriate one.

8.Computer Literacy Assessment.

Assessing candidate’s computer literacy skills involves testing their skills and knowledge ability in computer programming. As we speak, computer literacy is assessed in almost all recruitments in the business field. The assessments tests computer language, programing and coding. The development of computer and software has enabled the hosting of pre-employment assessments online. That is another reason candidates should have knowledge in computer.

9.Cognitive Assessment Test.

The primary goal of cognitive assessment is to test a candidate’s intellectual level. This test evaluates a candidate’s perception speed and accuracy, memory and thinking. The test also measures candidate’s proficiency in language, reading and general knowledge.

10.Sample Job Task Test.

These assessments include performance tests, job samples and simulations. It assesses an individual’s capability in different tasks that are of interest to an organization

The Many Pros of Pre-Employment Assessment

Holding a pre-employment evaluation to search for the right candidates is important for the following reasons:

1.Ensures a fair hiring process.

The race for a vacancy may attract dishonest methods and bias to the advantage of some candidates. Conducting a pre-assessment before hiring reduces the likelihood of nepotism making sure on the competent join an organization.

2.Shortens the Search and Hiring Process.

Going through CVs one after another can be tiring, and in the end you won’t get sufficient information about the candidate. Using theright assessment software can help recruiting teams learning more about interviewees. It also consume less time while offering more efficiency.

3.Ensures a stricter hiring process.

Assessing candidates before hiring ensures you get only those who are best suited for the respective job opportunities. Thus, pre-hiring assessments will always improve the quality of your hiring processes and enhance recruit the precise personnel.

4.Introduces a Candidate to the Organization’s expectations.

Initial testingintroduces candidates to your organization values and expectations and helps them weight their skills versus what you need. This can help give important clues to candidates who qualify for the job spot, and help those who failed to win jobs in related industries.

5.Controls the worker turnover in a company.

Assessments are an excellent way to keep theworker turnover in check. For every organization, the priority is to hire competentcandidates fit the existing positions. You can achieve this by conducting pre-employment assessments during all recruitment processes.

Use an Employee Assessment Platform to Recruit.

Different employee assessment software allow you conduct the various forms of assessment listed above. Partnering with the right testing platform can go a long way in improving the effectiveness of your assessment programs. Online testing platforms allow you to conduct evaluations remotely and give interviewees the freedom to take tests at their own time.

Software can also speed up the evaluation process and allow you to assess many interviewees without a hassle. Always go for an all-inclusive and interactive tool when choosing an assessment solution for your organization.

Here are the many benefits of using pre-employment assessmentplatform:

  • Structure and store all your assessments and hiring information on a single platform
  • View tests and resultson any device
  • Set aside a central meeting point where you meet to discuss, post and share employment information
  • Get notifications each time a test is completed

Lastly, it submit tests results automatically so that applicants do not have to wait for results.

Some of the best practices to remember when using employee assessment platforms include;
1. Partner with the right vendor for your industry
2. Align you assessment with your brand
3. Ensure your test data is valid
4. Use the results as guidance and not decision-makers

Lastly, you want to double-check your assessments from time to time to ensure they lead to the best candidates.

The Bottom Line

Onboarding new staff into you existing employee base is a step by step process that should involves testing candidates for the desirable qualities your company or brand is looking for. Established organizations insist on assessment of job candidates to increase the chances of choosing skilled employees.

All businesses— small, startup and medium—should spend quality time in their candidate assessment processes to avoid incompetent hires. Choosing the right people to fill your business’s job vacancies can also reduce friction in the employee training process.

Also, make sure you use the right testing techniques to perk up the chances of hiring a worker that matches your expectations. Testing for the wrong skills won’t get you the most appropriate candidate for your vacancy.

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