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The Vital Role of Online Exam in Learner-centric Assessment

How Online Testing is driving Towards Learner-centric Assessment

Most educational platforms, corporations and professional bodies emphasize on one thing; the quality of candidate experience.

Being learner-centric means ensuring a candidate gets the best experience possible during classes and examinations. Since candidates come from different backgrounds, it is important to deliver examination and information in a user-friendly manner.

One way to do so is to use an online assessment software. So how does this approach assist in exam delivery? Find out more;

How Web-based Assessment is Changing Exam Delivery

Online assessment offers a variety of capabilities that enable examiners to improve candidate experience; an example of such a tool is online proctoring or invigilation.

Online proctoring is an approach where the learner takes their exams from any location—and get supervised remotely by online invigilators. Supervision occurs through video surveillance, webcam monitoring, or remote screen share.

This method offers flexibility since candidates who are in remotes areas don’t have to travel to physical test centers. Furthermore, it is the more secure, cost-effective, and time-saving approach compared to pen-paper.

The traditional pen-paper method might take several days or weeks to deliver results. This causes anxiety among candidates who depend on those results and certificates to bid jobs.

Online assessment technology steps in to help examiners speed up the result delivery process. Quicker results are achievable through on-screen marking or script scanning.

Paper scripts can be scanned and uploaded and then submitted for marking, which can significantly reduce the time needed to issue results.

Examination can be monitored, and any rogue marking can be identified early and dealt with— thanks to the automated rules of double-blind marking applied from scratch.

Apart from speeding up the turnaround of results, online assessment helps in smooth and detailed feedback delivery.

While every student needs to know their grades, it is also of critical importance that they understand their strengths and the areas they need to focus on. This kind of feedback is beneficial to the performance of a learner.

With online assessment, candidates enjoy prompt responses to any queries regarding their results or requests. Everything can be done with a simple click of a button.

Some web-based assessment platforms have a functionality that allows the examiner to write comments at the time of the marking.

All marking done on an examination paper can be viewed, updated, and printed easily. This is process is better than retrieving the paper-pen documents from a bundle of scripts.

Due to the flexibility of formative and continuous assessments, they can be uploaded to the same online platform; hence candidate’s data and results are stored securely in one location.

Get More Options for Your Wide Range of Candidates

Additionally, online assessment offers the chance to utilize a variety of exam questions. Plus, it has the ability to auto score several question types and save time since candidates do not want to spend a lot of time writing essays that will be rejected.

It is important that examination should be presented in a user-friendly way. This can be achieved by introducing interactive concepts useful in imparting knowledge. For instance, introducing questions and case studies that can be presented on the screen with a variety of options such as to make notes, highlight and add annotation.

Lastly, web-based assessment also gives the candidate the option to configure the view according to their preferences. This type of technology means that all the features found in paper-pen examinations are easily and readily available online.

Final words

As time goes, exam bodies continue emphasizing on ensuring that the expectations of the candidates are met, and learners enjoy a positive experience.

This is a significant trend as it will force exam bodies to improve their approach and become more accountable. One of the ways to make this happen is through the use of online assessment.

Lastly, always discuss with your students before implementing this approach for a smooth transition.

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