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Exam Screen Customization Increases Participant Completion Rates

Why Worry about Exam Screens?

A lot of us do not really think that much about our exam screens when we are creating them. After all, exam testing screens are simply screens filled with questions and more than likely some multiple choice answers.

The truth is that if we customized our exam testing screens, then the participants who come to the website to take our online tests would be more likely to complete the test, and less likely to fail the test. A few simple changes can make a major difference in the number of participants who pass the test and the number of participants who simply stop taking the test before they finish.

I am not talking about major upheavals in the exam testing screen or format. You can make some simple customizations that will create great changes in your results and the satisfaction of the people who use the test.

Options for Customization

Making it possible for the participant taking the exam to change the size of the font that is displayed will increase active participation, and improve testing scores and completion rates. People all have different types of vision difficulty and when they are allowed to change the size of the font they see, they are able to see the questions better and that improves their testing scores and their confidence levels. When you increase the participant confidence, then you increase the number of participants who complete the test.

Adding a change button option can help the participant finish the exam. The change button changes the exam testing screen the participant is viewing to another screen. Some change button options are next and previous. These options allow the participant to proceed with the exam, or go back to the page they were previously on to finish a question they may have skipped, or glance over their exam before they make a final submission.

You can enable a feedback calculator so the participants taking the test can tell you what they thought of the test, and so they can make suggestions on how you might improve the test. Participant opinions concerning the test, the length of time it takes to do the test, and other factors can help you customize the test so that more people will take it successfully.

The font size is important, but the font family is just as important. There are some font styles that I simply cannot read without laboriously studying the words. My eyes become tired when I try to read these fonts, and I often give up on reading whatever was written on the page because of the eyestrain.

Left to right support can allow people who read in Hebrew or Arabic languages to read the questions and answers. In English, we read left to right, but in many other languages the text is designed to be read right to left. Giving the participant the option of reading left to right or right to left can make the difference in how successful they are.

You can make your test more user-friendly with just a few small changes to your exam testing screens.


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