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Customized Results in Percentages or Points

Different Ways to Show Test Scores

When you take a test, the instructors may tell you, for example, that you have answered eighty-seven percent of the questions accurately. Some instructors tell you that you have made a score of eighty-seven on the test. When you do exam testing online you can get results in the percentage of correct answers or in the numerical score, depending on the instructor.

When you establish your exam testing online, you can create a test that will be scored numerically. If you do this, your students will receive their test scores in numerical equivalents. They will see that they received a numerical grade of eighty, or maybe a seventy-eight. A large number of instructors like to present their students with numerical grades.

Some instructors prefer to tell their students the percentage of questions they answered correctly. You could establish your exam testing screens to tell the participants the exact percentage of questions they answered correctly when they took the test. This preference is completely up to the instructor.

Communicate Testing Progress

There are some exam testing sites that establish the percentage of questions the participant has already completed and tell them about how much longer they have before they complete the exam. When you provide your participants with this type of information, you allow them to be more confident. When the student can see that they are more than half of the way finished with an exam, they may be more likely to stay and finish the exam instead of closing the screen and doing something else.

This information allows each student to see if they need to pause the exam and return to it when they have more time, or if they might be able to finish the exam testing before they have to leave and go do something else. Little things like this can increase the number of people who take the exam successfully, and it can increase the number of people who complete the exam.

Other Customization Options

You can even customize your results so that your students can see what areas they passed on the test and what areas they had trouble in. This could allow the student to study and, if possible, come back and take the test again after they have studied so that they make a better score the next time. At the very least, this information allows the student to see where they need to study the most before they take another exam.

You can set the exam so that it tells the student immediately what percentage they have scored, or you can set the exam so that the results are emailed to the student after you have had an opportunity to look over the test. The immediate grades are gratifying to the student who was worried about passing, but the delayed knowledge allows you to talk to each student about their testing scores and how they can improve their scores in the future, or to tell them how proud you are of the accomplishments they have made.


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