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Creating Exams and Surveys that Attract More Participants

Make Your Survey “Pretty”

A lot of the time people do not take surveys because the surveys are dull and boring. People get tired of the endless questions long before they get to the end of the questions. We all know that surveys can help us to learn more about our brands and about our companies from the people who actual use the things we produce. There are some distinctive things you can do to create surveys that more people will complete.

When you are designing your surveys, you need to make them pretty. This sounds ridiculous, but people will spend a larger amount of time on a webpage that they find pretty than they will on a webpage that they think is bland or boring. Many times, people simply get bored and click off a survey, but they do not realize that the content of the background was what caused their discontentment.

Interesting Backgrounds Increase the Completion Rate

If you want people to spend longer amounts of time doing the surveys you create, then you must make the background of your pages interesting. You can do this by using images with the text over them or by using comforting colors. Red makes people anxious while deep orange makes them feel warm and welcome. Blues often bring out emotional responses such as sorrow, while yellow can make people smile involuntarily. Colorful backgrounds can cause people to feel more relaxed and that will cause them to have more patience and be more likely to complete the survey you have posted.

These colorful backgrounds also help with exam testing screens. If the background is colored so that the participant remains calm and composed, the testing results will show more people completing the test and higher average scores. Instructors should think about this when they create their student exams.

Color Combinations Can Make You Stand Out

You can use color combinations and logos to establish your presence. When people see the familiar red and white of Coca-Cola, they think of the soft drink company even if the red and white is leading to another company. Coca-Cola is a major brand and they have used the red and white labeling for so long that it is emblazoned on the brains of people and people identify those colors with the soft drink.

If you use your company colors or your school colors and logos on your exam testing screens and as a background for your surveys, people will start to become more familiar with your brands. You can subtly remind people of who you are without them realizing it.

Customizing fonts and making larger fonts for the questions will help people to stay focused on the survey or the test. You should always make headings and leading questions in bold fonts so that people can clearly distinguish them from the answer section of the exam testing screen.

Try getting participant feedback and listen to what the people who have taken the survey have to say about it. Use that information to improve and create surveys that more people will be willing to complete.


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