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Online Exam Testing in the Computer Age

Online Exam Testing in the Computer Age

The computer age is upon us. There was a time when the only computers available were sold to large corporations, government offices, and very wealthy people. Then the computer began to creep its way into the homes of average people, and soon the computer had taken over and now we use them to do our banking, talk to friends, do our work on them, check on our children’s progress at school, and even take online college courses.

Online exam testing is now one of the most used ways for many businesses and schools to get the testing information out to their employees, potential employees, or students.

Uses for Online Testing

Businesses use online testing on their websites to test job applicants. These business test show the business if the person applying for the job has the basic skills required to do the work that needs done. Many large corporations like Dollar General, Family Dollar, Walmart, Lowes, and Subway sandwich shops use online testing to prescreen applicants applying for work.

Health resource clinics often have online questionnaires in place on their websites. These questionnaires are not actual tests, but they allow the person answering them to be directed to the proper pages of their website to find answers to health questions. They also allow patients to know if they should be concerned about some of the symptoms, they have been experiencing and if they should speak to their doctor about those symptoms.

Colleges often offer online exam testing to their students. This type of online exam testing is offered to students who go to classes on campus and to students who do their class studies from home.

High schools offer many exam testing results online. Parents and students can go to their high school WebPages and find out what their test scores were, what homework they need to do, and things the teachers need the student to know. This allows parents to be able to make sure their children are doing their work, and it allows parents to know what areas the child needs to be studying harder in.

Student enrollment for college classes and for some high school classes can often be done by filling out online questionnaires. You may not have to leave your home in order to enroll your child in the courses they want to take.

Businesses often post surveys on their WebPages for people to fill out. Many of the surveys reward the participants with coupons, discounts, or free items. These questionnaires help the business to determine what people think of their stores, their products, their pricing, and their customer service.

Online exam testing is a field that allows one person to connect with another and gain valuable information or teach valuable information. I see this field of study growing in the future. Some school systems now pass out laptop computers at the first of the year instead of textbooks. Children do their work online, study online, take tests online, and even get feedback from their instructors online.

The Internet is connecting us all in ways we never imagined.


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