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Why Features Are Important When Choosing Online Exam Software

What are the topmost considerations you must bear in mind?

The features of the online exam software

Before you even think of going for the free software, consider the features that you need for an online exam software. You will need to look for features like query capability, a means to search for the highest and lowest scores so that you can speedily choose the right candidate without necessarily going through everything. This feature will save you time, and in business, time is money. Consider, for example, where you are a company that is seeking to hire a manager, and there is a large turnout of candidates. The online software exam with the query capability feature will be a godsend.

Be accessible to both assessed and the assessor

Consider the accessibility of the exam. For example, can the person being assessed be able to access the exam from anywhere on earth as long as they have a computer and Internet connection? And can the assessor access the exam and results even when they are on the move? Sometimes, recruiters are very busy people and may not have the time to wait until they get back to the office to login and look for the right candidate.

The best online exam software should be mobile enabled. This is the age of the mobile, where an average mobile phone user glances at their smart phone at least 150 times a day. Advertising has gone on mobile, shopping, entertainment and so on. Why not exams? Mobile means that people can access the exam even when they are on the go, and people here means the assessor as well as the assessed.

Should be cloud based – that’s why it is online

Make sure that exam software is accessible on the cloud platform. No one loves the idea of downloading software to their computers or mobile phones. It is about saving on the resources now, no?

The exam software should be very easy to learn such that the assessors, professors and even recruiters can create exams easily. Is the exam room easily navigable? Do you have a user manual or an FAQ page that is detailed with almost everything that a newbie user needs to know? If people think that your exam software is complex, they will just move on to your competitor and you would not like that.

It should be scalable! No one can overemphasize the need of scalability in an exam software, or any software for that matter. In technology, what is fashionable today could go out of fashion tomorrow. You need to be assured of upgrades. Choose your online exam software wisely.


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